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Kyazoonga did it again, Don’t let this happen to your Business, Use Cloud

Kyazoonga 2011

Opportunity knocks only once said an old proverb, however for this company opportunity knocked twice. Both the times History was being made for India’s favorite sport ‘Cricket’. First India was on the verge of winning a world cup after 28 years and now India’s Cricket Icon is retiring from world of Cricket. Selling online tickets for such a sort after sporting event presents a huge opportunity, not that the company will make huge profits by selling tickets but the Brand Recognition it brings along with it.

Year 2011, ICC Cricket World Cup, an online ticketing company made history albeit for the wrong reasons for not been able to maintain up time when the Cricket Crazy nation rushed to their website to buy tickets. Result, unhappy customers, hit on the brand image, and a probable hit on future revenues as well.

Tweets, Kyazoonga – Tickets for Sachin’s farewell test

Year 2013, Sachin’s farewell Test Match at his home ground the same online ticketing company and the same results. It was a perfect opportunity to cover the lost ground and regain the customer confidence.

Such failures can easily be avoided by Designing Web Applications for Scale i.e. provision more capacity on the fly (i.e. without manual intervention) to cater for the peak in incoming traffic during such events.

Check out how AWS Cloud helps in Design for High Availability & Scale. Also, check out this webinar recording on Youtube where we have covered a few design principles related to High Availability, Scale and Fault Tolerant systems.

If you have a similar business and need help with Ensuring that your Web Application doesn’t let you down, please write to us at info@localhost and we will offer a free architecture review consultation with our AWS Experts.

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