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Code Deploy Managing Application Deployments

About AWS CodeDeploy
AWS CodeDeploy is a Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Tool​. CodeDeploy is a public version of Apollo, an Amazon’s internal deployment system which executes around 95 deployments per minute. CodeDeploy is a high scalable and fully managed code deployment service helping developers to rapidly release new features and setting up rolling deployments to push out changes on group of EC2 instances. CodeDeploy helps in automating deployments and avoiding downtime during deployments by eliminating the need for error-prone manual operations.
AWS CodeDeploy is immediately available in the US East (N. Virginia) and US West (Oregon) regions. There is no additional cost to use this ​services, and users pay only for the underline services they use to store and (or) deploy applications.​
Other Deployment Services like AWS CodePipeline & CodeCommit will be available early 2015.

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