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The Silver Lining

A new idea, new knowledge definitely is one of the most powerful of mental stimulants. The effects of which are only increased when you find out how to use it to your benefit. Now during all the learning and finding we do, while managing work and deadlines, a laugh never goes amiss. BlazeClan’s very own comic ‘The Silver Lining’ aims at providing a refreshing change from monotony, along with a dash of humor.

The comic presents the current business scenario and people’s reception of the idea of cloud computing. Starring in it are three main characters, Nephalie, Confucious and Slilverlining.
The next few lines contain descriptions and character sketches, to help you get to know our cast better:

Nephalie : Young and spirited, she is enthusiastic to explore the new. She is open to change and optimistic about its results. A bit green behind the ears, she seeks counsel from those with more experience . Nephalie represents those factions of the industry, who are eager to explore cloud, but who might be led astray by myths and those prejudiced against it.

Confucious: He is strictly old school and vouches for the traditional way of doing things. He is prone to being rigid and mistrusts the new. Confucious tries to discourage Nephalie by trying to lead her back to the tried and tested ways. He represents those in the industry who mistrust cloud. They are set against finding out more about cloud and exploring the concept.

Silverlining: He is the all-knowing peace maker. He is knowledgeable about cloud and encourages Nephalie to explore her ideas and learn something new.
He represents those in the industry who agree that the old way works, but who also are enthusiastic about the new. They encourage people to explore and lead the way with a self example.‘The Silver Lining’ progresses with Nephalie wanting to explore cloud and Confucious trying to dissuade her, while Silverlining, the technology oriented expert helps Nephalie understand cloud better and encourages her to learn. Read the new editions to find out how Nephalie explores cloud and whether Confucious can really be persuaded of its benefits!
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