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2013: The Year of the Enterprise Cloud.

Happy New Year!

It’s been an amazing last year for the Cloud Computing Industry. In the past few years the Cloud Computing industry has been dominated by the likes of Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, Google Apps.

2012 saw entry of a few large players, mostly in the Infrastructure services, notably Google with its Compute Engine, Microsoft by transforming from a pure PaaS player to an IaaS player adding support to Linux and MySQL to its Azure platform and with HP offering its enterprise customers a convergence of its Private Cloud and Public Cloud.

With AWS still the leader in IaaS, and Rackspace at far away second place, it would be interesting how the new big Cloud players play their strategies in the market which is unpredictive and still evolving and increasingly competitive.

The biggest positive comes from the Enterprise adaption of Cloud Computing along with Mobility in 2012. Gartner and others have predicted the bulk of IT spending to happen in Cloud and Mobility. Cloud is no longer a pariah for the CIO’s office and all of them are planning to budget for Cloud spending in 2013.

Most of this spending will still happen in the Infrastructure services, as enterprise developers are still vary of adapting Platform Services due to apprehensions of a locked platform and limited flexibility. Enterprise developers want control over their applications and IaaS is what they will adapt to. Though individual departments in the organization would want to use the agility provided by PaaS, helping them bypass the resource/developer constraints of their IT departments, but its still a long way before CIOs willingly spend on it.

At BlazeClan Technologies we have been following these developments and are to an extent enablers for them. According to a survey done by our team, 84% of the Enterprise CIOs we contacted in the North America have already developed or are in process of developing Cloud Road Map for their companies and almost all of them have dabbled into Amazon Web Services (AWS) with all of them having an account with AWS. In India, the CIOs have been late adapters and most of them are either unaware about Cloud in general or the benefits they can reap from Cloud. BlazeClan intends to change that and realize the potential of Cloud Computing to the CIOs.

2012 also has been a great year for BlazeClan Technologies, we now have a client portfolio ranging from happening startups to Forturne 500 Companies, all of them have renewed their faith in us over the past year and we look forward to serving them even better in 2013.100% of our customers have assured repeat business to us. We’ve been extremly fortunate in having a dedicated and a world-class team at BlazeClan who have been instrumental in delighting our customers with some amazing solutions.

As we enter into the new year, BlazeClan Technologies looks forward to provide a range of Solutions coming out from our new Center of Excellence. We also have rebranded ourselves, highlighting our strong focus on Cloud Computing. We intend to Cloud IT Better for everyone.

We should, together have an exciting and a happy 2013.

Varoon D. Rajani

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