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AWS Lambda – Reasons Why Developers Should Use Lambda

Every developer needs a good reason to adopt the technology. Of course, some conventional wisdom would say, PaaS offerings are good enough, and there is no need for new disruptive technology. But, we will give you good reasons to switch from PaaS to the AWS Lambda Service.

Lambda was launched in 2015, ever since, it is evolving continuously and gaining acceptance of the dev community. It is a computing service that can run your application code using AWS infrastructure. It takes care of most of the server-side on your behalf that includes analyzing, correcting and running web service.

Some of the prominent reasons to use AWS Lambda are listed below:

Your In-house Infrastructure Engineer

It is not required to manage any infrastructure or add a new resource to manage servers. Your development team can focus more on writing codes as they will no longer be responsible for analyzing the problem and fixing the problems if the server goes down. Whereas for PaaS, you must maintain the systems 24/7, and developers will be responsible for fixing the server issues.

Lambda functions are triggered based on the events, and the systems will run only when it is invoked. This event-driven feature allows you to manage web service traffic effectively.

Only Pay for what you use

Compared to all other serverless platforms in the market, AWS Lambda is incredibly cheap. We must pay only if we use the service which is a major differentiator.

Extensive programming language support

AWS Lambda supports all major programming languages. Each programming language has something unique to offer. You can select the programming language of your choice to meet the business requirements. AWS has an in-built online editor that can be used to code along with the option of locally writing code and deploying them later. AWS Lambda also supports a vast range of popular IDEs which includes PyCharm, IntelliJ, and Visual Studio. AWS Lambda stitches multiple functional pieces to trigger the events. Lambda Layers are used to centrally manage the code and data that is shared across multiple platforms.

Effortless Scaling

AWS Lambda can scale the load without any manual intervention from the developers. You can schedule backups and generate reports within no time using the AWS accounts. AWS Lambda allows you to easily place it between the services to transform and accept the load data. You can achieve your tasks in a matter of minutes or hours rather than days.

1-Click for non-programmers

Lambda IOT 1-Click in the iOS app store is designed to provide quick access to developers to trigger Lambda events. It is catered to deliver simple tasks from a pre-configured device. For example, a user can send emails from a pre-configured device to pre-configured recipients using a single click button. You must enter the Lambda functions and carefully test the configurations to achieve simple tasks. Non-programmers can easily define simple functions with some amount of training on the configuration process.

Impressive stats of AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is used by over 3,536 companies, and by segment Computer Software (31%), Information Technology and Services (9%), and Staffing and Recruiting (6%) are the largest segments. Most of the AWS Lambda customers are from USA, UK, India, and Canada. AWS Lambda is used by small to large organization to deliver their services effectively.

So, is AWS Lambda perfect? Yes, it is a perfect and ideal choice for all the organization. But, you must know to use certain features effectively. For example, you must fix a limit for execution that removes the infinite loop of code, and deployment package beyond 50MB size that must be split into several packages, etc. It totally depends on how you utilize the complete package of features to address your concerns.

To conclude, AWS Lambda is one of the leading players in serverless technology. It has completely altered the development process with its high-end features represents a huge shift in the way we deal with operational requirements.

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