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AWS Test Drive Fresh off the Press – Media WorkFlow Automation with BlazeClan

Consequently, this blog would be enlightening on the AWS Test Drive by BlazeClan Technologies.

The interrogating section would be why we are talking about the Test Drive. Is it something related to the company’s marketing or maybe I want to acquaint you with the insights of Media Stack Solution.

The answer is your thought process about the context.

AWS Test Drive is a private IT sandbox environment that enables rapid provisioning & deployment of preconfigured server-based solutions.

The Media Solution Stack under AWS Test Drive delivers to Upload, Transcode, Publish & Archive all your Digital Media across multiple channels like YouTube, Vimeo, Brightcove & Dailymotion.

So, this would mean:

  • Uploading your content to cloud
  • Transcoding your content to multiple formats, which are supported across various publishing points.
  • Once Transcoded, the content is automatically published to these platforms.
  • Finally archiving your content in a secured manner on AWS.

Now you must be wondering how it will be beneficial.

To provide you with the explanation of the query, the response is-

  • Using Digital Media Solution Stack helps you publish your content faster across various media syndicate partner channels.
  • Helps you save manual efforts to transcode and publish your content.
  • Automates the process & reduces manual errors using scheduling.
  • Low maintenance, easy to use service, helps you monetize your content on multiple media channels.

Describing the media solution stack further, companies like InfotechLead, CRN, Ciol narrated as “Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched AWS Test Drive in India to enable organizations to evaluate local AWS Partner Network (APN) software solutions on the AWS cloud.“ Furthermore Varoon Rajani, CEO, BlazeClan quoted-“The media industry is changing with more companies relying on social and multi-media channels to create additional revenue streams for their content and keep their audiences engaged.

He further stated that AWS Test Drive Program gives our customers a chance to quickly evaluate our solution and help them understand how they can monetize content faster and meet their SLAs. This program takes customer engagement to the next level and we look forward to working with the AWS team to roll out additional AWS Test Drives for the benefit of our customers.”

If you are already using AWS Media Workflow Automation, consider about analysis of logs! Check out Cloudlytics for further insights about Blazeclan’s Log Analysis Product.

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