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Hackathon – Blazehack 2017

Blazehack Codestellation 2017 – Disrupt or get Disrupted

Rome was not built in a day but that’s the time it took by our hackers for bringing innovative ideas to life.

This one day hack-a-thon took place on the 20th of May where our employees dropped everything to create something awesome. The activity was an extension of our culture that encourages innovation and aligned with our mission of bringing the power of cloud to the end users.

For us, innovation is in our DNA. Being a born in the cloud organization, that leverages the power of cloud to provide best in class solutions to the customers; this hackathon pulled long
hours of thrill to think and collaborate on innovative ideas that can solve a real-life problem. The end result of Codestellation included building a camaraderie across the company and inject creativity into the product, processes and operations.

Majority of teams that participated in the Blazehack described it as an opportunity to build something incredible. The challenge was open to everyone ranging from last week hire to senior solutions architects with common rules like –

1. Ethical hacking
2. Bringing automation in processes for better delivery
3. Selecting ideas using popular technologies.

Being our first hackathon, we had 10 enthusiastic developers that were distributed in 4 teams and each came up with different perspectives and skills. It kick-started at 9 am in the morning and by the end of the day we had some amazing ideas like below, put in to implementation that will improve the customer experience, and ultimately the world around us:

  • Creating notification reminders for credit cards, PUCs, LPG, and insurance and consolidating data of all the accounts and investments.
  • iSafe (India Safe) building security and resilience of smart homes – Reducing infrastructure utilized for security by live streaming on mobile using Amazon Echo.
  • Creating a Chatbot using Artificial intelligence.
  • Slack Integration with AWS Lex to streamline JIRA ticket management.

Their enthusiasm and the excitement of business leaders as they experience working demos at the end of hackathon –not only inspired everyone who were part of this hackathon but also encouraged and motivated the ones who are preparing to be part of the next challenge.

Lastly, the opportunity to be crowned as a winner amongst your peers in a company of innovators was tough and was not taken lightly. We had a series of qualifiers to funnel down the best idea and at last pick the best team whose idea would be absorbed by the company.

Check out this page with highlights from our recent hackathon, and get inspired to create your hack that will change the world!

Want to hack on your career path? Check out open opportunities on the BlazeClan Careers page!

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