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How AWS Well-Architected Program Empowers Organizations Develop Finer Applications

More and more services are being released by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Given the influx of changing dynamics, organizations are eyeing to make the most of their workloads while ensuring preparedness for future challenges and growth. The AWS Well-Architected Review (WAR) offers organizations a robust framework for evaluation of modern services and technologies. This further helps organizations in improving future versions and management of their workloads.

Organizations enormously benefit from the Well-Architected Program of AWS, as they are empowered to build efficient, resilient, high-performing, and secure infrastructure for their applications. This further allows them in gaining expertise essential for building high-end solutions, tracking workload status, implementing best practices, and making improvements as and when required.

Why is the AWS Well-Architected Program Important for Organizations?

The AWS Well-architected program allows solution architects of an organization to follow a lifecycle approach to effectively manage their workloads. It helps organizations verify the current state of their workloads and determine whether all best practices are properly put in place. It also helps them validate whether the workload cost is optimal. 

AWS WAR has been benefiting organizations in various ways such as potential improvements in their workloads and facilitating solution architects to leverage new AWS technologies and services in the long run. It enables organizations to better understand the advantages and adverse impacts of their business decisions being made while building their system on AWS. 

Key benefits of the AWS Well-Architected Program for organizations include:

  • Advisory and insights on applying the AWS Design principles for improvements in the organizational workload.
  • The capability to plan and envision the future state of workloads that have high security, reliability, and are optimized for cost and performance.
  • Making informed decisions about architectures in the cloud-native way to understand influences of design strategies.
  • Significant funding for all approved workloads on AWS in terms of usage credits. It also provides additional funding programs sponsored by AWS, which significantly improves performance of the workloads.

The APN partners have already been realizing better business outcomes with a consistent review process of discovering risks and making improvement plans. The AWS Well-architected Program has helped them earn increased trust and credibility with their customers while fueling new opportunities. 

Organizations that currently focus on becoming APN partners are touted to witness accelerated innovation, reduced business risks and significant cost savings in the near future. They will also benefit in terms of resource augmentation with the help of cloud best practices of AWS.

Repeatable Engagements and Impactful Business Aligned Transformations

Organizations can create repeatable engagements with their customers and realize impactful transformations that align well with their business objectives. The AWS Well-Architected Program ensures organizations that they are most effective in their operations and driving their business in the direction of success. Observations show that organizations are taking efforts in embracing the program to distil down certain processes that offer repeatable results.

With the AWS Well-Architected Program, organizations are provided the opportunity to render their applications high-performing with cloud services. This is mainly because insights from well-analyzed workloads produce a highly reliable, resilient, and secure infrastructure that runs cost-effectively. This further helps organizations in continuously improving their workloads on AWS.

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