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Moving on Up – Ready for your Apps to Live in the Cloud?

Among the complications of moving your application to the cloud, traditional security tools work poorly or not at all in the cloud and if a company screws up, the whole internet will know – not a good spot to be for any organization


Some enterprises and organizations dread moving to the Cloud. Others, however, get a real charge from the opportunity to purge, scale down and take only what’s needed for them to move.


As the digital landscape changes, organizations are doing some purging of their own as they move to the cloud. But the transition isn’t as easy as lifting and shifting, migrating to the cloud is challenging. Most organizations face uncertainties in determining their requirements in the cloud, let alone rebuilding the applications in new environments. All the while, the attack surface in need of defense is expanding, and the rules that worked in a network environment might not be enough in the cloud.


A major factor complicating cloud security is that the traditional, on-premise tools work poorly or not at all in the cloud. Even if most of the skilled cloud migration teams recognize that security is important and necessary, businesses are often fuzzy about the details of cloud security.

Moving at the Speed of DevOps

The speed at which the business operates and innovates has directly impacted the speed at which applications are developed and moved to the cloud. Because no one has the gift of hindsight to truly prepare for threats in the new environment, security teams have their work cut for them.


This is where security teams need to work hard and get themselves up to speed with the operations and development teams. Blazeclan helps organizations address security issues that arise with agility, we do so by working with the teams to build and embed security as a part of their DevOps cycle. Our security professionals equipped with the right set of security tools help the organization innovate along with keeping security in mind through the whole agile development life cycle.

Keeping Up with the Business

In many organizations, applications were moved to the cloud before their security teams knew what the threats in the cloud were. Now they are trying to pick up the pace, while more applications are migrating. While doing so, organizations need to remember that security is not a “true” or “false,” Brumley says, ‘Companies are migrating to the cloud to increase accessibility and be able to iterate faster but at the same time, security will become more difficult simply by definition.’


For each specific app, the security team needs to know what data exists on the app, who has access to that data, and what concerns are associated with moving that data. Because there’s no way of truly knowing what all the threats are in the cloud, it’s important to have the people, process, and technology from detection and response to ensure that you can at least identify where the threats are being exploited. 


Our cloud security operations center helps businesses identify and address security issues on time by monitoring threats on an ongoing basis. With our near real-time monitoring solution for the cloud, gain visibility while deploying and migrating your applications. 


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