ITC Infotech acquires Blazeclan Technologies to enhance Multi-Cloud services and fast-track digital transformation

Outlook as a Member of the Clan- “BlazeClan”

In the previous blog post I discussed about what a customer can expect from a service provider.

Another personal experience that I would like to share will be the Outlook as a Clan Member (Existing or Aspiring).

‘You are not a Slogger but more of a Smart Worker’, an Individual of such a caliber makes a very great Asset for an IT Organization. One needs to be quick to keep up with, as mentioned earlier, the ever evolving industry.

A tweaked age old saying stands true for those who wish to be a part of making the Life Changer Ideas a reality.

“Jack of All and King of ONE”

One cannot wish to be a part of this League, by limiting his exploration to only one island in this huge planet.

Having said that, as an Employee it is important to feel coveted and what you feel should mean, be felt and understood. Being a part of any Team, an Individuals Ultimate dream is to grow in worth. This is only possible by being a part of a dynamic team, rearing to explore and take up the challenges that come by and not being referred to as a ‘furniture’.

An employee should feel a Service Provider is worthy to be a part of. An aspirant should seek for Service Providers who are involved in diverse engagements, which would enable them to work on various platforms.

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