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The Wait is Over – Cloud and AI Combination is the Next Big Thing

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  • By Team Blazeclan

The cloud technology accelerates and strengthens enterprises with a cleaner and cheaper solution to manage data. On the other hand, AI enables intelligent algorithms that are capable of learning on the go. The combination of AI and cloud can unlock many different verticals in technology ecosystems. The desire to build an intelligent machine will integrate these technologies further and may lead to a wondrous journey. 

The cloud technology is more mature, and most of our digital footprints are now stored in the cloud. Whereas AI has all the potential to become part of our daily lives. Starting from chatbots to Cortana, AI has managed to infiltrate and push the boundaries even further. For instance, Cortana can be a virtual assistant that can manage to book restaurants nearby and more. Cortana is not perfect, but each time it fails, it is learning something new, creating its database. 

An AI developed by IBM called Watson is used to fight cybercrimes. Imagine, every time Watson investigates a cybercrime scene, it stores a huge amount of data, every mistake is analyzed and stored as data, the cloud has a very big role when it comes to managing the huge amount of data.

Current Scenario

Google’s Cloud AI research team is at the forefront when it comes to integrating the cloud and AI technologies. The research team in Cloud AI is working on interdisciplinary challenges, and they are trying to unlock the possibilities for enterprises. Their greater goal aims at releasing the resources to the scientific community to encourage multidisciplinary collaboration through the application of machine learning. Ultimately, they want their findings to be used by others to realize impactful solutions.

More research is required on AI as it is not fully stable. We have witnessed that it has gone haywire many a time. To name a few failed experiments, TayTweets an AI developed by Microsoft which was promising at the beginning, but Microsoft pulled the plug after it hailed Hitler’s actions. Facebook had to take down their AI chatbots after the chatbots went off the grid and created a new language to communicate.

Harnessing the Cloud and AI technologies

Most of our data is now on the cloud, and it is almost impossible to think without a cloud. On-site storage is slowly phasing out, and in most cases, does not exist. The main advantage of the cloud is that it can be accessed from anywhere and any device. AI programs generate huge data as it attempts to learn something new every time. With the help of cloud technology, the findings of AI programs can be analyzed on the go. Using predictive analytics, we can determine the patterns.

For instance, Cortana can learn something new every time we assign a task. Cortana can store these tasks in the cloud to review. Cortana can even predict the pattern of how we think and what we may assign next. In this way, powerful AI programs can become even more intelligent.  

To conclude, AI has a lot of learning to do and a long way to go. AI combining with the cloud will be a transformative change in the tech industry. We hope technologies are put into work to accelerate the growth of the industry.

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