ITC Infotech acquires Blazeclan Technologies to enhance Multi-Cloud services and fast-track digital transformation

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Blazeclan’s Monitoring Service Helped the Customer Achieve Significant Cost Optimization

The customer, is one of India’s leading entertainment networks that offers multi-platform, multicultural, and multi-generational brand experiences to consumers. The company came forth to Blazeclan to help them shift their L1 & L2 workloads to a new cloud environment along with infrastructure support.

The Challenge

The customer has been running its workload on AWS cloud infrastructure, which has a video-on-demand platform. With over 35000 hours of exciting content, they perform huge data transfer across the different locations with the help of different ISP.

The company approached Blazeclan for L1 and L2 support for the monitoring of their Video on demand platform and to manage their workloads which were present on the AWS cloud infrastructure. The support activities broadly involved – 

  • Monitoring & Managing the instances & services present on AWS cloud infrastructure
  • API monitoring
  • Play failure percentage monitoring
  • Security assessment of AWS infrastructure
  • Cost optimization
  • High Availability

The Solution

Blazeclan proposed the customer with a solution consisting of an efficient system, which will ensure proper flow of activities from the support request stage around L1 and L2 issues. The process was aimed at achieving both, efficient turnaround while reporting SRs and providing the highest level of customer satisfaction.

The tools monitored by Blazeclan to meet the customer’s needs include

Runscope: The Runscope dashboard for Voot bucket is monitored and the dashboard is checked. Also, it is checked whether any API fails the test for 3 continuous attempts, the cause/reason is checked and updated over skype. If any API fails continuously, the section Assertion within the api is checked. Accordingly, a test is run for launching the APIs from different regions to check if it is getting passed or failed. If still it fails in the test, the same is informed to the customer over skype along with a screenshot of the reason for test failure.

Youbora: In this portal, the Play Failure Percentage (for cellular | vod only ) is monitored as suggested by the customer. The dashboard is also monitored and observed whether the play failure hits 2% (for cellular|vod only). Here, the play failure percentage is seen by using ISP and media ID’s, and informed to the client the count of failures of mobile ISP on skype. Then the dashboard is monitored and it is observed whether the play failure hits 5% (for cellular|vod only). Finally, the above steps are performed again and call up the respective personnel on mobile to inform.

New relic – API monitoring: The APIs listed in Voot dashboard are monitored and informed to the customer, if they are in a critical stage (if color changes from green to red). Information of the particular API names which got failed is provided.

Blazeclan also helped the customer by performing minor, aesthetic changes in the dashboard such as changes in the filter, date format, title, and other font modifications.

Benefits Achieved by the Customer

Cost Optimization: The solution opened up the possibility of optimizing cost for the customer. The customer experience was significantly enhanced with the solution, owing to the scalability. The pay-as-you-go model suits the customer’s requirements well. The benefit of cost optimization enabled the customer to have better control of their overall IT budget.

Security assessment: Cloudlytics is leveraged for helping the customer in maintaining their GDPR compliance and CIS compliance posture for improving their security infrastructure. This tool is also used for VPC flow log monitoring, user access monitoring, CIS report generation to improve open points in security, and get projections of AWS billing.

High Availability: The Company achieved a highly available system that could meet and cater to an increasing number of customer’s entitlements and customers for all the verticals.

Tech Stack 

New Relic Runscope Amazon CloudFront
Amazon CloudWatch Amazon API Gateway Amazon CloudTrail
AWS Config AWS Data Pipeline AWS Data Transfer
Amazon ECR Amazon DynamoDB Amazon EC2
Amazon EMR Amazon ElastiCache Amazon Elasticsearch
Amazon RDS AWS Lambda AWS Route 53
Amazon SQS Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive Amazon S3
AWS Glue AWS Elemental MediaLIve Amazon Kinesis
Amazon QuickSight Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose Amazon MQ