ITC Infotech acquires Blazeclan Technologies to enhance Multi-Cloud services and fast-track digital transformation

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Blazeclan’s Solution Empowered Customer’s Scalable Application

The customer is a leading service provider and a pioneer in various business areas. They offer innovative, flexible, and qualitative HR solutions that are customized as per their customers’ needs.

The key objective of the company was to create an application that supports the collaborative economy. It aimed to serve as a platform to conveniently enable users to purchase services or perform tasks matching their profiles.

The Need for an Application Platform

The customer desired to create an application that would enable users to experience direct, non-siloed communication and service offerings. It was imperative that the application meets the compliance and security standards and serves as a platform for job seekers as well as employers leading to high engagement.

The application includes

  1. Application Platform: This has two types of users, namely, requesters and taskers. The requesters may demand service through job postings while the taskers are the service providers, including peer taskers and professional service providers.
  2. Application Admin Portal: This is a portal accessible to the admin and enables them to support the application and its users efficiently.

Blazeclan’s Web Application Solution to Meet Customer’s Requirements

To meet the requirements of the customer’s application development, Blazeclan proposed leveraging the AWS cloud services. It helped the customer create a collaborative economy platform where users can offer services and/or perform tasks with convenience. The application development included the following tasks.

  • EC2 instances were used to host the application tier. The application tier is load-balanced through ELB for effective management and distribution of incoming traffic across web servers.
  • An autoscaling group is combined with the ELB service. This enabled horizontal scaling of the application as well as traffic distribution.
  • Amazon S3 is used to store snapshots, objects, application APK, and static web pages that can be downloaded. Blazeclan helped the customer in the dynamic loading of files from S3 without any code changes or downtime.
  • Cloud-native security and network configuration were implemented for the customer’s AWS architecture.
  • AWS IAM, CloudWatch, and CloudTrail services have been used for Identity and access management, monitoring, and logging services respectively.
  • AWS Lambda is used for the chat communication feature and make it highly cost-effective and scalable. The chat feature was designed to serve as an instant communication platform. This further eliminated the need for an agent or an application to be installed on the local system.
  • Multiple microservices have been implemented to remove complications in communication and booking flow. This made the application resilient.
  • A schedular was designed and built into the application for effective management of the bookings made. An additional feature was added to facilitate the bookings made through the chat platform and initiate payment. The scheduler isused for scheduled booking transactions which furtherenables tracking payments to notify the DevOps team in case of any discrepancy.

Benefits Gained by the Customer

Improved User Experience: The chat feature facilitated users in making conversations and taking real-time actions, thereby enhancing the user experience.

Responsiveness: The new Application is responsive and well-supported on various browsers used on different devices. Irrespective of the device used for accessing the website, it adjusts its UI in correspondence to screen sizes and viewports.

Regulated Application Platform: Blazeclan ensured that the application platform developed meets all the compliance and security standards. The application is compliant to the Belgian Laws and validated by the Belgian State.

High Scalability: With Blazeclan’s solution, the customer was able to achieve high scalability and manage traffic at peak loads. It helped in providing the application with a high-bandwidth and secured connection between workloads.

Cost Management: The main challenge in a SaaS application is to balance the variable and fixed costs. Blazeclan’s solution helped the customer resolve this challenge by using the AWS ‘pay-as-you-go’ model. This provided them with a robust, scalable, and cost-controlled application.

High Availability: Amazon ELB helped the customer in deploying servers across availability zones. The solution enabled them to eliminate a single point of failure from their deployment architecture. It enabled them to maintain high application availability and low redundancy.

Fault-Tolerant: The customer was able to automatically distribute the application traffic across different EC2 instances, achieving fault tolerance in the application. Moreover, they were able to provide the load balancing capacity required for convenient traffic distribution.

Application Life Cycle

Value Additions

Tech Stack

Amazon EC2 Amazon ELB Amazon S3
Amazon CloudFront AWS IAM Amazon CloudWatch
Amazon CloudTrail AWS WAF Amazon RDS
AWS DynamoDB AWS Lambda Amazon API Gateway
Amazon EBS Amazon SNS AngularJS
Java 7 Joomla XML