ITC Infotech acquires Blazeclan Technologies to enhance Multi-Cloud services and fast-track digital transformation

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DevOps Managed Services Ensured Zero Downtime And 100% Availability For A Reputed Financial Services Company

BlazeClan provided 24/7/365 proactive DevOps based managed services, monitoring of applications, support for AWS services.

Customer Profile

The customer is one of India’s fastest growing and reputed financial services company focused on providing asset management, lending, wealth management and insurance services.

The Challenge

The customer was embarking a strategic Digital Transformation journey to support their growth desires. Furthermore, it was developing a platform that focuses on creating a sustainable profitable digital business model to meet their financial product needs based on their life cycle, and most importantly attain faster time to market with minimum operating costs. The customer wanted its applications to be managed and monitored 24/7 with a complete dashboard view of AWS Cloud.

The Solution

Being an audited Managed Service Provider, BlazeClan with its team of certified SAs conducted an exhaustive study of the environment and defined the entire processes, workflows and responsibilities over a period of two weeks.

The certified SAs provided 24/7/365 monitoring of AWS Infrastructure, monitoring of applications, support for AWS services, database administration tasks and DevOps support.

In addition, the following solutions were offered as well:

  • Proactive management of the cloud components including Virtual Machines, Storage, Network and Security (public subnets, private subnets, security rules, VLAN, etc.), Identity and Access Management.
  • Monitoring the database’s health and taking preventive or corrective action as required.
  • Setting up auto alerts and notification to monitor threshold violation including application and service.
  • Troubleshooting & root cause analysis for incidents/faults.
  • Identifying bottlenecks and suggesting de-bottlenecking solutions.
  • Operation support to work log update for trouble ticket and closure.
  • Enhancing CI/CD process, pipeline and scripts based on future requirements/tools integration.

BlazeClan’s team of certified solution architects provided SLA driven automated managed services to the customer. With the use of BlazeClan’s Cloud Management Platform, the team ensured 24*7 monitoring of the AWS infrastructure, monitoring of Applications, support for AWS services, security review and setup and database administration tasks. The expert staff made the automated onboarding process hassle-free and smooth, ensuring active monitoring of the application along with custom reports providing actionable insights.

Security and Compliance

By leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) robust control in major security and compliance framework, BlazeClan ensured comprehensive security for customer’s business critical application in AWS and advised AWS best practices to strengthen their security even further to continuously thwart attacks.

The Benefits

  • High availability: The reliability and redundancy of the solution on AWS have ensured almost 100 per cent availability.
  • Zero downtime: Having moved the application to the AWS Cloud and proactive monitoring of our AWS infrastructure ensured zero downtime.
  • Unpredictable traffic volumes are easily handled: the platform can cope with extreme spikes in traffic using AWS.
  • The team focuses on innovation, not maintenance: Tailor-made Managed services of the platform allows the customer’s team to concentrate on improving features of the platform and strengthen it. BlazeClan’s CMP enabled automation of the routine tasks, minimize downtime and, most significantly focus on innovation.
  • Improved security and compliance: with robust control policies, the customer was able to meet compliance obligation. Real-time security auditing and compliance helped the company to meet RBI audit compliance report with a healthy rating.

Tech Stack

BlazeClan availed a number of AWS services to execute this project successfully.

  • Amazon EC2 was used for computing capacity management for their application deployment. It helped in reducing the time required to spin up new server instances to minutes, allowing them to quickly scale capacity, both up and down, as per their requirement.
  • Amazon S3 was used to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere and everywhere.
  • AWS CloudWatch was used to monitor the performance of the system.
  • Amazon VPC helped in setting up the private network with AWS as it provided isolation and security.
  • Amazon CloudFront was used to speed up the distribution of static and dynamic web content to the users.
  • AWS CloudFormation was used in the production/development/UAT environments for mirroring purposes for automated deployments.
  • Amazon DynamoDB was used for all applications that required consistent, single-digit millisecond latency at any scale.

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