ITC Infotech acquires Blazeclan Technologies to enhance Multi-Cloud services and fast-track digital transformation

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AWS Managed Services Facilitated A Major Payment Solution Provider to Improve Productivity and Compliance

Blazeclan setup a scalable infrastructure and executed proactive managed services to keep it operational 24/7 for a leading payment solution provider.

Customer Profile

The customer provides quick online customer on-boarding, two-tap payment, competitive exchange rates, and a low fee. They are a bold ambition of experienced Technology geeks, Entrepreneurs, Bankers, Remittance experts & an AML/CFT compliance guru that seeks to change the way cross-border payments work.

The Challenge

The customer had a leading mobile payment application that drastically reduced the time and cost of transferring funds from one country to another. They had hosted the application in AWS and were looking for an infrastructure that could scale easily to cater to the needs of its end-users.
The customer was evolving their infrastructure in order to support the growth of the business and was scouting for a partner who could manage the infrastructure and monitor the application logs and provide actionable insights.

The Solution

Blazeclan’s team of certified solution architect provided tailor-made SLA driven managed services to ensure proactive management of the AWS infrastructure.

The team was involved in the deployment of the updates, configuration changes to dev. / staging/prod as and when needed, performance and Exception Monitoring of dev., staging and prod environments, on-demand restarting of services as needed, monitoring of application logs and server logs on AWS, monitoring of logs on Algolia, SMS providers. Our team worked as their trusted advisor and extended the value of their existing IT investment.

Security and Compliance

By leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) robust control in major security and compliance framework, Blazeclan ensured comprehensive security for customer’s business critical application in AWS and advised AWS best practices to strengthen their security even further to continuously thwart attacks.

The Benefits

  • Scalability: the customer was able to spontaneously adjust its infrastructure to any alterations in user demand.
    Flexibility: The customer’s IT environment now runs smoothly and is always able to meet the growing business demands.
  • Automation: The customer was able to automate the majority of the processes of scaling its infrastructure to support demand peaks that encouraged the users to access the application
  • Improved security and compliance: with robust control policies, the customer was able to meet the compliance obligation. Real-time security auditing and compliance helped the company to meet RBI audit compliance report with a healthy rating.

Tech Stack

Blazeclan availed a number of AWS services to execute this project successfully.

  • Amazon EC2 was used for computing capacity management for their application deployment. It helped in reducing the time required to spin up new server instances to minutes, allowing them to quickly scale capacity, both up and down, as per their requirement.
  • Amazon S3 was used to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere and everywhere.
  • Amazon RDS service was used to set up, operate and scale relational database and was mainly used for Postgres deployments.
  • AWS elastic load balancing was used to redirect the traffic to healthy Amazon EC2 instances for more consistent application performance.

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