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Building a Secure and Isolated Disaster Recovery Solution for An EdTech NBFC

About Customer

Customer is an education-focused, technologically advanced NBFC that provides hyper-personalised education financing solutions to every deserving Indian student. At Avanse Global Finance, we take care of all your education-related finance requirements, enabling you to pursue your academic dreams stress-free. We have a wide range of approved courses and institutes, so you can enjoy repaying in dollars without worrying about the cost of forex conversions.



  1. The client asked for a disaster recovery configuration that was completely isolated from the primary infrastructure, especially the AD server.
  2. The DR AD server should be used for authentication anytime they require DR for their important apps, such as Pennant, Payment Module, and DMS.

Benefit of solving it

  1. We advised the customer to build up a disaster recovery plan for AD in a shared account, although in the Hyd region, and to set up the server as an ADC.
  2. This AD server will run for two hours on Saturdays in order to sync the AD settings with the PDC.
  3. Streamline the completion of the DR drill for DR application authentications using the DR AD server.

Explain the existing system

  1. Customer was in On Prem network earlier with separate DR setup but with the primary AD server during DR drill.
  2. They wanted to have isolated DR infrastructure overall.


We did the network connectivity with DR infra which is in HYD region with the help of Transit Gateway.

  1. Provision the VPC and Subnet in HYD region.
  2. Did the setup in order to establish the connectivity with Primary network where the AD server id deployed.
  3. Provisioned the Windows server with the same configuration as like PDC in HYD region like instance type and all.
  4. Did the port opening and connectivity configuration in order to have a communication with PDC from the DR AD server.
  5. Added the DR windows server in domain and after that we promoted it in ADC by following the AD service installation and other configurations.
  6. Tested the all configurations on HYD ADC after reboot after completion of steps.

Value Additions

  • Dependency removed from PDC for every application’s DR. 

  • Smooth DR for application with totally isolated Infra especially with DR AD server and removed a dependency from primary AD server.

  • Totally isolated DR infra showcase for any Audit.

Tools Used

AWS VPC, Transit Gateway, EC2, Windows server, Lambda, VPC Network Firewall, etc.

PUBLISHED: 11th July 2024