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On May 25, 2018, the European Union (the “EU”) implemented a new data privacy and protection regulation, called the General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR”). This new regulation aims to standardize data protection laws across the EU and also lay down standards to be observed worldwide while processing of personal data originating in the EU; The GDPR also has a strong emphasis on affording individuals stronger, more consistent rights to access and control their personal information.

At Blazeclan, we take compliance of data privacy and security regulations very seriously. For the GDPR, we are working diligently to ensure that we are compliant with the rules laid out by the law and provide product functionality and mould our services to enable us to remain compliant. In the following sections, we have outlined our approach to comply with the GDPR.

Blazeclan GDPR Compliance

Blazeclan group is a provider of cloud based services which include advisory services, cloud migration and deployment solutions, cloud native applications, data analytics and other cloud based products. Blazeclan has a global presence having its offices at Pune, Mumbai, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe, USA, Australia and Canada.

Our website is used and explored by our clients (existing and prospective), and through the same we at Blazeclan process certain amount of personal data of our clients (existing and prospective) in the capacity of a Data Controller. While providing our solutions and services we assume the role of a Data Processor for our clients, who provide us personal information for the purposes of our offerings.

Risk Assessment

We have performed a company-wide information discovery exercise to identify and assess what personal information we hold, where it comes from, how and why it is processed, and to whom it is disclosed.

Data Subject Consent

As a Data Controller, Blazeclan has updated its Privacy Policies, Cookies Policy and Disclaimer for the usage of the Cookies in as per the requirements of GDPR on its website

As a Data Processor, we execute contracts required under the GDPR with our clients (who are the Data Controllers) and process the personal information as per their directions and in accordance with the GDPR where applicable. Additionally, we implement technical and organizational security measures to ensure compliances.

Transfer of Data Outside EU

Blazeclan has in place an article 28 GDPR-compliant data processing addendum including the EU Model Clauses to ensure an appropriate legal basis for data transfers outside the EU.

Data Retention & Erasure

We have formulated a data retention policy and schedule to ensure that we comply with the ‘data minimization’ and ‘storage limitation’ principles and that personal information is stored, archived, and destroyed in accordance with the GDPR.

Record Keeping as per the GDPR

According to Article 30 of the GDPR, each processor and controller’s representative needs to maintain a record of all activities pertaining to the processing of personal information in such an organization. Blazeclan maintains a controller processing record as required under Article 30(1) of the GDPR as well as processor processing record as required under Article 30(2) of the GDPR.

Data Breach and Mitigation Process

The GDPR has stipulated measures and notifications that must be made upon discovery of a data security breach. Blazeclan has put in place internal measures to minimize the risk of any data security breach happening. However, in the unlikely event of any such breach happening, Blazeclan intends to honour its responsibilities as laid down under the GDPR, which includes notifying in a timely manner, its customers, and the supervisory authorities (if Blazeclan is the Data Controller).

Compliance Team

We have a team of leaders who head our GDPR compliance initiative and ensures that the processes flow down to each individual within the organization who handles data governed by the GDPR; should you require any clarification on any aspect of Blazeclan’s compliance efforts please contact our team at

Blazeclan Promise on GDPR

At Blazeclan, maintaining the security, integrity, safety and confidentiality of personal data in our business is one of the highest priorities. Blazeclan has already taken adequate measures to ensure that we fulfil our promise of being fully compliant with GDPR! In case you have any queries, please feel free to reach us at

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy

Policy Statement

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy refers to our responsibility towards our environment. Our company’s existence is not lonely. It’s part of a bigger system of people, values, other organizations, and nature. The social responsibility of a business is to give back to the world just as it gives to us.

It is recognized that integrating social, environmental, and ethical responsibilities into the governance of businesses ensures long-term success, competitiveness, and sustainability.

Further, CSR makes business sense as companies with effective CSR have an image of socially responsible companies, achieve sustainable growth in their operations in the long run, and customers prefer their products & services.


This document applies to all clanmates at Blazeclan India and subsidiaries of Blazeclan in Singapore, Malaysia, ANZ, Canada, USA, and Belgium.


To ensure all support towards PEx functions in terms of giving suggestions, modification, and approval of the processes.

People Experience Team

The PEx team is responsible for updating this policy as per the organization’s needs, reviewing this policy from time to time to make relevant changes as and when the need arises, and getting the policy document reviewed and shared with all concerned.


It is the responsibility of our clan members to follow the procedure and guidelines mentioned in the policy document.


The main objective of CSR policy is to make CSR a key business process for the sustainable development of society. The Company will act as a good corporate citizen and aims to supplement the role of Government in enhancing the welfare measures of society within the framework of its policy.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) company policy outlines our efforts to give back to the world as it gives to us.

Main focus areas

The CSR activities shall be undertaken by the Company, as stated in this Policy, as projects or programs or activities (either new or ongoing), excluding activities undertaken in pursuance of its normal course of business.

The CSR activities, which are exclusively for the benefit of the Company employees or their family members, shall not be considered as CSR activity.

The CSR activities shall be undertaken in locations within India. The Company shall give preference to the local area or areas around it where it operates for spending the amount earmarked for CSR activities.

There are several areas having scopes, and the Company is committed to being involved in specific areas that prioritize society’s needs. The main focus areas will be:

  1. Promoting education: Schools in need to have books and stationeries.
  2. Sanitation: Water filters, health, and hygiene items to charity homes for old age, women, and orphans.
  3. Swachh Bharat- Clean India Campaign: Cleaning public parks, schools and public places for healthy living.
  4. Restoration of school buildings: By painting school building walls and surroundings, restoring the schools.
  5. Armed forces: Through the ‘Flag Day Fund’, helping armed forces veterans and their families.
  6. Promoting sports: Sponsoring school teams and children to participate in national level games, coaching material arts.
  7. Disaster Relief Fund: Fund Contribution to natural-level disasters and calamities.
  8. Medical aids: Physiotherapy, medical equipment treatment aid to the needy.

In addition to the above, the Company may, from time to time, undertake any project, program, or activity in one or more of the following areas:

  1. Eradicating hunger, poverty, and malnutrition, promoting preventive health care and sanitation, and making available safe drinking water;
  2. Promoting education, including special education and employment enhancing vocation skills, especially among children, women, elderly, and the differently abled, and livelihood enhancement projects;
  3. Promoting gender equality, empowering women, setting up homes and hostels for women and orphans; setting up old age homes, daycare centers, and other facilities for senior citizens and measures for reducing inequalities faced by socially and economically backward groups;
  4. Ensuring environmental sustainability, ecological balance, protection of flora and fauna, animal welfare, agroforestry, conservation of natural resources, and maintaining the quality of soil, air, and water;
  5. Protection of national heritage, art, and culture, including restoration of buildings and sites of historical importance and works of art; setting up public libraries; promotion and development of traditional arts and handicrafts:
  6. Measures for the benefit of armed forces veterans, war widows, and their dependents;
  7. Training to promote rural sports, nationally recognized sports, paralympic sports, and Olympic sports;
  8. Contribution to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund or any other fund set up by the Central Government for socio-economic development and relief and welfare of the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes, other backward classes, minorities and women;
  9. Contributions or funds provided to technology incubators located within academic institutions which are approved by the Central Government
  10. Rural development projects;
  11. Any other measures with the approval of the Board of Directors on recommendation, subject to the provisions of Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013 and rules made thereunder.

The Company may update the above list as per Section 135 and Schedule VII (Activities which may be included by Companies in their Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) of the Act as amended from time to time.

Functioning of CSR activities

The Company dissolved the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee on 22nd March 2022 in compliance with the provisions of Section 135 of the Act read with the Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Rules 2014 and functions of such committee could be performed by the Board of Directors of the company under Companies Amendment Act, 2020 vide Notification dated 28.09.2020 which was effective from 22.01.2021.

Management has formulated a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSR Policy) indicating the activities to be undertaken by the Company. However, Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013, and the rules made there under do not apply to the Company for the financial year 2022-2023.

Please find the CSR policy here.

Identification of activities/projects

Out of main focus area CSR activities, the management shall decide which activity/project should be given priority for the respective financial year. While arriving at the decision of the activity to be undertaken for the respective year, the management shall analyse the basic need of the community/ area in which the Organisation operates or at the place where its registered office is situated. The management shall record its findings and prioritised the CSR activities.

Key Projects Undertaken:


Information dissemination

The Company’s engagement in this domain is disseminated on its website, annual reports and its house journals as and when deem fit.

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