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Real-time Data Storage And Analytics On AWS

Real-Time data storage and analytics on AWS is a revolutionary game-changer that helps business operations drive innovation, enhance customer experience, and increase productivity.

Though it is still an evolving technology, it is already helping many organizations to gain an advantage in their respective industries. With all the real-time information in hand, businesses can achieve things that were impossible a few years ago, which includes, preventing cybercrimes, personalized offers to customers, preventing system failures and many more.

Amazon’s Kinesis Data Streams (KDS) is the latest technology, with a completely new set of tools to handle the demands of performing immediate analysis on a continuous inflow of data. Top industry players like Netflix, Zillow, Thomson Reuters, and Hearst Corporation use Kinesis data to run real-time analytics on data, that enables them to gather insights from the data and respond quickly to information at a frequency of minutes rather than days or hours.

For example, Netflix uses Real-Time storage and analytics on AWS to track and monitor all communications across all its applications to easily identify and fix issues quickly, assuring high availability to its customers and high service credibility.

Amazon’s Kinesis Data Streams help you build custom applications to analyze and process real-time data for specialized needs. The infrastructure, storage, networking, and configuration needed to analyze real-time data is managed by Amazon Kinesis Data Streams. This enables the total elimination of physical hardware and allows you to focus on real issues.

Let us talk about Performance!

Real-Time data storage and analytics on AWS enables you to stream data to multiple sources such as desktops, servers, and mobile devices within a time frame of 70 milliseconds of the data collected. This helps you to respond quickly to the information collected.  Real-Time data storage and analytics on AWS enables you to buffer, ingest, and process data in real-time, and help you to derive insights in a relatively short period.

Your data is in safe hands

Data loss is a serious issue and cannot be reversed if the technology is underutilized. With the cloud technology like AWS, instead of queuing and waiting to batch up data, you can push the data to the stream as soon as it is produced, preventing data loss in case of failures in the operation.

Amazon’s Kinesis Data Streams provide innumerable layers of protection from data loss. This is possible through simultaneous replication of streaming data across three data centers in the AWS Regions, and storage of data for up to seven days.

Real-Time data storage and analytics on AWS is secure and stable as it meets regulatory and compliance needs by encrypting sensitive data through Kinesis Data Streams (KDS), and accesses data through the Virtual Private Cloud.  The Data is secured with the help of server-side encryption and AWS Key Management Service (KMS) master keys. It effortlessly processes data with the help of built-in integrations.


Now that you know it is safe and secure, you must be wondering if it is pocket-friendly or not. You won’t be disappointed. Real-time data on AWS is low cost and you must only pay for what you use. Does it not sound wonderful?

High Accuracy

Real-time data on AWS increases machine-learning calculation performance and scalability and supplies real-time data to your systems. For example, Zillow uses Real-time data on AWS to provide real-time home valuation data to its customers. Due to its high accuracy in supplying and analyzing the real-time data, it has been able to gain the trust of tech giants.

More Flexibility

Real-Time data storage and analytics on AWS helps to dynamically scale applications. AWS scales from megabytes to terabytes per hour, and scale from thousands to millions of PUT records per second. Operations can dynamically adjust the throughput of the stream at any time based on the volume of the input data.

This shift to Real-Time data storage and analytics on AWS helps companies gain a competitive edge over their competitors. This is achieved through several mechanisms and clickstream is major among them. Clickstream events are small pieces of user actions and data, which are generated continuously with high speed and volume.

For example, a user’s actions on a website or application are detected by gathering and analyzing the sequence of clicks a user makes, where the user begins the navigation, the amount of time the user spends on an application or website and how it ends. This will help you to track the user behavior in real-time and send updated recommendations or push notifications based on the analyzed data.

Increased level of Optimization

Real-Time data storage and analytics on AWS helps you identify new ways to optimize your applications. It can be either moving the application from one region to another or updating an appropriate network protocol for a specific type of traffic.

Demand to completely shift to real-time data storage and analytics will increase further, and we can witness many industry players moving from batch data storage and analytics to real-time data storage analytics. It is important that you utilize these technologies and stay relevant in the rapidly evolving world.

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