ITC Infotech acquires Blazeclan Technologies to enhance Multi-Cloud services and fast-track digital transformation

Blazeclan Empowers ERGO to Drive Business Transformation through Cloud Migration and Managed Services Support​

About ERGO Insurance Singapore

A wholly-owned Singapore subsidiary of the ERGO Group AG, ERGO Insurance Singapore is a general insurer that offers a comprehensive range of products, including personal & commercial coverage, personal accident, and marine solutions. Regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), ERGO aims to become a strong insurance force by forging solid and profitable partnerships in the region.​

ERGO partnered with Blazeclan to benefit from our innovative approach to cloud & digital transformation and ensure seamless application migration, fortified infrastructure, enhanced security, and compliance readiness. ​

Navigating ERGO’s Cloud Migration, Security, and Infrastructure Optimization Challenges

Following the need to maintain the security and compliance mandates of MAS, ERGO sought a seamless transition of its applications from on-premises to AWS cloud. With multiple applications and a stringent deadline, the migration was complex. Additionally, ERGO was looking for a cost-effective and highly secure solution to efficiently handle its data influx. Another challenge was that the company’s corporate website faced inconsistencies, with users accessing it via two different variations of the domain. This led to fragmented user experiences. ​

With its headquarters in Germany, ERGO faced significant security challenges in transmitting traffic from its Singapore site, requiring robust encryption. Network stability issues caused recurrent disruptions in their operations. Furthermore, as an insurance company, ERGO faced stringent compliance regulations and required robust disaster recovery capabilities to protect its critical data and operations. The company also sought to optimize its infrastructure, eliminate wasteful resources, and fortify its security measures to combat evolving threats.​

Another key challenge was to prevent any impacts on critical business applications caused by disruptions experienced by ERGO’s DNS hosting vendor. Lastly, ERGO wanted to cut down costs around one of the applications and its database, deployed on separate servers, which ran only for a short time period every month.​​

Blazeclan’s Transformative Approach to Helping ERGO Unlock Full Business Potential

Cloud Migration and Data Management

As an AWS partner, the Blazeclan team meticulously migrated ERGO’s applications to AWS within the stipulated timeline. ERGO Insurance Singapore, among the 30 entities of the ERGO Group, was the first to move its entire on-premises environment to the cloud. In addition, to efficiently manage the data influx, the Blazeclan team devised a script that intelligently copied data from each database server to a secure S3 bucket, guaranteeing a retention period of 7 days. It reduced manual efforts for the ERGO team, eliminated data loss concerns, and resulted in substantial cost savings.​

Blazeclan championed ERGO’s continuity by proposing a robust solution. Migrating ERGO’s DNS records to AWS Route 53 increased availability and eliminated the risk of application downtime caused by external factors. ERGO harnessed the power of AWS, ensuring uninterrupted operations and maximizing customer satisfaction.​

Website Traffic Redirection and Security

To address the inconsistencies faced by the corporate website, the Blazeclan team set up a reverse proxy, seamlessly redirecting all domain variations to ERGO’s preferred “www” domain. To ensure secure transmission of traffic while concealing its identity, the Blazeclan implemented cutting-edge netting techniques. Through meticulous analysis, the Blazeclan team identified the root cause of network instability and provided insightful guidance to the ERGO team, resulting in a stable network connection. ERGO bid farewell to interrupted operations, embracing a seamless network experience that enhanced productivity and customer satisfaction.​

Disaster Recovery and Cost Optimization

In close collaboration with the Blazeclan team, ERGO developed a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. Rapid deployment of the necessary infrastructure, coupled with meticulous testing, ensured compliance with local authorities and bolstered their ability to safeguard data and swiftly recover from potential disruptions. Moreover, ERGO was able to achieve and maintain a CIS score of above 90% and was equipped to navigate any unforeseen challenges.​

Through stringent analysis, the Blazeclan team optimized ERGO’s EC2 and RDS resources, eliminating unused instances and unlocking substantial cost savings. By leveraging AWS WAF, Blazeclan meticulously filtered and scanned application traffic, ensuring only desired and secure interactions. ERGO’s infrastructure became a stronghold, enabling them to focus on growth and innovation while mitigating risks.​

The Blazeclan team provided an ingenious solution, offering a cost-effective yet practical infrastructure setup. Leveraging load balancers and existing resources, Blazeclan deployed the said application and its database in different servers by creating a UAT environment. It empowered ERGO to optimize resource allocation and accelerate its software development lifecycle​.