ITC Infotech acquires Blazeclan Technologies to enhance Multi-Cloud services and fast-track digital transformation

The Blaze Media Management Automation

Media companies plays a very influential and substantial role in our lives today. These firms are very brisk in delivering the content to the audience whether it be live, recorded or scripted not only to become a trusted source for news, but also to become a trusted outlet for consumers to learn about products.

And while most of us today sit and enjoy are evenings solely in front of these digital technologies there are a lot of people working behind the screens manually uploading, transcoding, publishing and archiving the data to be readily accessible.

Talking about TV stations, news channels, daily soap opera broadcasters, radio stations, and online publishers. All these verticals usually face the Challenge of Publishing Videos to the Syndicate Partners.

It becomes a very laborious process for these media companies to be instantaneous and highly available in delivering their content along with the contracts with Channels driven by timelines.

And if this problem is taking a big toll on media companies, there should also be a quick fix which can relieve these firms from such a tedious run-of-the-mill chore.

How about an automation tool that media companies can exclusively use for managing their Video Media, Publishing and Video-on-Demand to make their lives much more laid-back so that they can concentrate on other challenging tasks.

Cloud Stream is a complete solution stack built on top of AWS Services by our Certified Solution Architects and Team Experts.

This Media Stack is a one stop solution for a complete life cycle of your media asset where you can be benefitted by:

  • Simple Configurations
  • Multi Transcoding Presets
  • Easy Search & Retrieval
  • Secured & Low Cost Archival
  • Quick & Easy Publishing
  • Flexibility
  • High performance in terms of scalable, performance, highly availability
  • Deployed on scalable kind of architecture

Thinking how to get acquainted and start with our Solution Stack.

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