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Why AWS Cloud is Safer than On Premise?

A perpetual debate is set in motion when an organization has to decide to move from on premise infra to public cloud; the debate accentuates further at mention of security and safety of public cloud provider like AWS or Azure.

While on premise infra can give a sense of control and superior confidence about being air tight (no outside network access), this is often a perception than an absolute reality; often organizations blame a public cloud provider for any security vulnerability, but truth is it could be the organization’s application that was vulnerable and led to compromise of security.

That being said,  the Amazon Web Services actually provides better security than any traditional on-premise configuration.

Here are the top four reasons why AWS cloud is safer for your business.

Security and Enterprise Encryption Significantly Lower Price

One of the biggest advantages of storing the data on the cloud through AWS is actually the enterprise level security protection as well as encryption which it provides. With any on-premise configuration, there is a definite requirement to install a firewall as well as the installation of encryption software is also required. These software have to be run as well as maintained. This can significantly drive up the costs in addition to costs associated with the running things on-site. With the cloud on AWS, the security protocols and encryption are actually built into the entire AWS infrastructure by default. This means that you just have to pay for computing time as well as storage space that is used. You also gain security and encryption without any additional charges.

Maintenance and Third Party Monitoring

Since Amazon is duly responsible for the security as well as the safety of the data of the clients, they ensure continuous monitoring of their cloud infrastructures for any type of suspicious activity. Amazon also keeps an eye on the entire data and AWS provides tools as well as special features which allow its subscribers to see what exactly is happening in their entire AWS environments. Users can easily set up various alerts in the AWS in order to notify them of any type of activity which is duly outside the norm. It helps in identifying any suspicious activity such as attempts to gain unauthorized access.

Direct and Secure Connections to the Cloud

AWS offers multiple options for the purpose of moving the data from on-premise to its cloud. Data that is transferred to the cloud is actively secured through TLS encryption for all of the AWS services. Users can easily utilize various virtual private clouds that provide users with complete control over their entire virtual networking environment that includes route tables, IP addresses and network gateways. Amazon also offers AWS Snowball which is a large and ultra-capacity external hard drive which provides the users to easily transfer their entire data onsite through a hardwired connection and then it is couriered to the any Amazon data centre where the AWS staff transfer the data security from the Snowball to the cloud. These distinct connections are often more secure than any in-house network connections.

Built for Compliance

AWS has duly covered every compliance norm such as PCI, SCO and HIPPA. The AWS platform was actually developed by keeping in mind the various governmental regulations as well as industry best practices. Often the data is living on the cloud which is already compliant with various regulations. Along with this, AWS has various tools as well as controls which maintain the security and also protect data that is stored in the cloud. All of the systems added as well as configured to the entire AWS architecture actually share the same compliance responsibilities.

It also provides simplified reporting tools in order to show regulators that the data is in compliance wih. You don’t have to actually worry about if your data policies adheres to various public policy and guidelines since Amazon ticks the right boxes for you.

Key take away.

Organizations must consider the trade off – scale on public cloud or retain a sense of control. AWS handles adherence to policies and government norms, so that you have to worry less about. Security of applications is key, whether it is hosted on public cloud or on-premise.

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