ITC Infotech acquires Blazeclan Technologies to enhance Multi-Cloud services and fast-track digital transformation

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Amazon WorkSpaces Helped A Leading Financial Advisor Reduce Wait Time And Improve Productivity

Customer Profile

The customer is a financial advisor and provider of travel, motor, home, personal accident, special care, health, and life insurance services in Singapore.

The Challenge

The company was exploring a solution that can act as an interface for their accounts team to use EBAO application which is a core insurance product. This need triggered a demand for multiple device configurations and an easy, scalable, and cost-effective way of providing high quality, cloud-based desktop experience to their end-users.

The Solution

Having performed a comprehensive and meticulous review of the client’s work environment and challenges, Blazeclan suggested the implementation of Amazon WorkSpaces that can allow workers to access their on-premises system. The platform additionally, guarantees workspace security.

With Amazon WorkSpaces’ implementation, Blazeclan team simplified the customer’s IT needs by quickly and easily provisioning new desktops, and allowing access to the on-premise systems from anywhere using any device. With the new set up, they have the authorization to access desktops while remaining compliant with company and industry standards.

  • Blazeclan used a range of AWS cloud services to implement the solution for the client.
  • Amazon Workspace acted as the virtual private cloud. It allowed access to confidential data from any device, irrespective of the operating system within a secured server.
  • The VPN provided a secure connection between the customer on-premises setup and AWD setup.
  • Two availability zones were created, the reasons for which were two-fold – to avoid any chaos and discrepancies in gaining access, and to handle the immense workload.
    • The first availability zone was created exclusively to host the workspace host server. The reason being that it would help monitor the nodes and the links to subnets/independent WorkSpaces.
    • The other availability zone managed the functions with the help of FactERP server app private subnet, Bastion server public subnet, and multiple WorkSpaces/directory controller/AD connector. The WorkSpaces relate to their respective AD private subnets.
      • Operating System (OS) platform(s) used – Windows 10
      • Third party applications or solutions used – Ebao, CA Siteminder, Microsoft Active Directory, and SCCM.


The end users were able to gain instant access to data, resources, and applications of their choice. Reduction in wait time or delays has inversely led to improved productivity.

  • With robust control and security policies, the customer was able to have a secured network for organization IT infrastructure.
  • The solution facilitated internal collaboration between teams, resulting in reduced operational time and sharing of documents.
  • Improved workplace flexibility while driving down infrastructure costs.