ITC Infotech acquires Blazeclan Technologies to enhance Multi-Cloud services and fast-track digital transformation

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Blazeclan Helps Cloudlytics to SaaSify its CSPM Platform

About Cloudlytics

Cloudlytics is a cloud posture monitoring platform that offers integrated security configuration, activity monitoring and compliance checks for multi-cloud environments. With hundreds of automated configurations and security checks, this CSPM tool is built to strengthen cloud security posture and help meet compliance mandates for organisations.

Cloudlytics consolidates all potential misconfigurations to a transparent actionable dashboard for information relay. Featuring solutions like the Cloud Intelligence Engine, Asset Monitoring Engine, Event Analytics Engine; this CSPM tool helps with prioritizing efforts according to risk, discovery and visibility, continuous threat detection and automating compliance with benchmarking from different kinds of regulatory frameworks.

The Need for SaaS Enablement

Cloudlytics wanted to enable its cloud security posture management platform with a software-as-a-service model. The platform was required to be made highly customizable and capable of being hosted independently for future business requirements.

Key requirements put forth by Cloudlytics were

  • Its ability for easy and automated integration with the existing setup of targeted businesses. Moreover, the architecture design needed to be highly scalable and integrable with other third-party platforms.
  • Its accommodation compatibility with multiple tenants, robust data handling mechanism, and complete visibility of accounts that would be onboarded.
  • Its ability to create multiple users under a single tenant with the right access control mechanisms, multi-factor authentication, and tenant-level data protection
  • Enabling a customizable data analytics pipeline
  • Incorporating an engine to ingest, buffer, and analyse the query data from any source and in any format with minute configuration changes.

The Solution

Blazeclan’s team of cloud carried out a comprehensive assessment of the CSPM tool to be enabled with SaaS. They crafted a detailed architecture and orchestration plan, which involved multiple phases. For every phase, a holistic statement of work (SoW) was prepared, explained, discussed, and concurred.

The team calculated an AWS cost estimation in sync with the business plan. To address specific requirements, the infrastructure was deployed based on a secure and automated framework, following AWS best practices and leveraging experience with cloud deployments. Multitenancy was achieved within the platform by running every account’s workload as an individual task with dedicated processes under a shared cluster as per the customer’s configuration.

The clusters were made capable of scaling automatically against the CPU and memory reservation. This architecture configuration enabled different accounts’ workloads on the same cluster, as they can be provisioned with different reservations. For the metadata store, the MySQL database is hosted on AWS RDS that scales automatically to meet the actual demand derived from the number of tenants and client activities. For caching the metadata, Redis hosted on Amazon ElastiCache has been used. For managing and storing the analytics data, Kafka and Elasticsearch clusters are set up on EC2 instances with custom configurations made to achieve a fault-tolerant and highly available architecture.

Benefits Achieved by the Customer

  • ​Building Cloudlytics based on SaaS model catered to requirements of its customers in a revolutionary way with continuous support.​
  • The platform can be updated for all tenants in one go.
  • A unified dashboard implementation made managing all tenants and their access controls hassle-free.
  • New tenants were able to be onboarded in less than 5 minutes.