ITC Infotech acquires Blazeclan Technologies to enhance Multi-Cloud services and fast-track digital transformation

How Blazeclan Helped Hipla.Io Get GDPR ​Compliant by Securing its Public Cloud

About Customer​’s goal is to improve the experience of the billion+ people at their workplaces every day. It provides smart apps to manage your building facilities – all from one dashboard. From advanced video analytics to security and access control, they’ve built a 360° tech-enabled tool kit for facility management and HSE (Health, Safety and Security) protocols.

A Startup Challenge​ – Balancing Product and Growth Focus with Security Best Practices is focused on building a world-class platform to address customer​ needs and deliver great experience. It is a true-blue startup with focus on ​building a world-class product and in hyper-growth. But this also results in ​lack of expertise and bandwidth to build automated monitoring and ​reporting of security and compliance.​

Like many startups, they leverage the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public ​cloud platform. The key challenges with this are visibility into the following, ​especially for the leadership:​

  • Security of public cloud assets, in line with best practices.​
  • Assets meeting compliance requirements.​
  • Posture maintenance over a period.​

​Blazeclan’s Compliance In Cloud And Asset Inventory To The Rescue​

Blazeclan’s posture management solution helps the Hipla team to monitor and maintain compliance in the AWS environment. This is done with the help of our Compliance in Cloud Engine and Asset Inventory Engine.​

The Compliance in Cloud Engine captures metadata of all the assets and checks it against security best practices and regulatory requirements. This generates findings that are then used as evidence. Remediations are implemented accordingly.​

Asset inventory engine gives visibility of assets with a user-friendly view. This enables the team to manage inventory and keep track of assets.

  • Gap of security and compliance expertise bridged

  • 30% compliance posture improved

  • 90%+ reduction in manual efforts due to automated checks

  • High visibility to Hipla leadership team -smooth tracking and high degree of compliance