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AWS Cloud Continues to be the Mother of all Clouds, Dominating IAAS at 2013 Year End

When Jeff Bezoz Started the Multi Billion Dollar Reseller’s Cloud Computing Segment in 2006, i’m sure he had little clue about how big it would turn Out. With all of its services & offerings intricately branching out over the years, at the Start of 2013 it was clearly the Largest River in the Ocean of Cloud Computing. With a whole set of Storage & Database services flooding in the First Quarter, Amazon’s Peta-Byte Scale Data Warehousing Service Redshift being one of the Popular picks, AWS was getting difficult to tame. With more than five times the combined capacity of its next 14 rivals, AWS Kept dominating the IAAS/PAAS Markets.

The Forrester Wave Report, at the end of 2013 Q2 said that AWS came out the strongest of all vendors across three of their four developer segments, surpassing Microsoft & The report also claimed AWS of being the Favorite pick for DevOps. Having already a Strong IAAS foundation of Compute & Storage Capacity, with the extension of its platform & Application Services with time, AWS Cloud was becoming apt to meet the needs of DevOps pros & Coders. The real Tsunami hit the Cloud World with the Gartner Magic Quadrant, declaring AWS Cloud as the Leaders for Cloud IAAS. Gartner had to increase its quadrant Graph size to Fit AWS. Around all these developments AWS quietly incresed its partner network, services & Expanded its Global Footprint (Most Recently in China).

A recent study by the Synergy Group Shows that Amazon Web Services surpassed all its competitors, IBM, Microsoft & Google both in the IAAS as well as PAAS Markets on Q3 of this year. Even the revenues of added to the group, falls 15% short of what AWS Cloud coined. The total IAAS/PAAS market in Q3 grew to $2.5 Billion with IAAS covering the major part of the pie with 64%. As compared to Q3 last year, the IAAS/PAAS markets grew by 46% this year, AWS being the cherry on the cake with a staggering growth of 55%.

Among all the noise in the Cloud Computing world with all of its developments, like the CIA Contract win on one side & the Security Blunders on the other,’s Cloud Venture once thought of as a Risky Bet is continuing to tear it up as 2013 Closes. AWS Now Accounts for $850 million in its third Quarter which is a 136% growth year over year. It is also contributing the major chunk i.e. 84% of the “other” section of’s Balance Sheet. Amazon Web Services is all set out to hit the $1 billion mark in the last quarter of the year which is 145% compared to the same period last year. Experts estimate the growth of revenues to more than $6 Billion in 2014 to $10 Billion in 2015. Even Amazon CFO Tom Szkutak shared his faith in AWS’s growth saying, “In terms of AWS, it’s growing very, very strong, It’s an area that’s very early for us. We have a great team that’s working on it, servicing customers, and we are very excited about the long-term opportunity.”

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