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So, this prime of morning was slight flaky from the usual ones. What was unusual is the question here. To give a crisp description I would say “AN EVENT”. Yes, this was a Dayspring Breakfast Event on 6th August, 2014 on “How SMEs can leverage Cloud to power their IT Infrastructure” which was being hosted by BlazeClan Technologies & Amazon Web Services in association with MCCIA. From Organizing the Event, Strategizing the Pre-Event Registrations to Ancillaring the Event with my team mates was overall an altered participation.



Chandra Sankholkar Speaks

Chandra Sankholkar

To begin with the Event we had Chandra Sankholkar (Head Business Development, AWS, West India) who commenced the programme by solicitating the people of various industrial sectors and the nature of companies such as Start-Ups, SMEs, Enterprises & Government & Education.

To drive the event further he continued by explaining the definition of cloud which suggests on-demand delivery of IT resources via the Internet with pay-as-you-go pricing  & provisioning of applications and services on a virtual space with various 6 INS and outs as to why one should migrate onto AWS cloud.

These were quoted as “Low Capex”, “Agility”, ”Scalability”, ”Go Global in minutes”, “Availability” and “Durability”.

To debate about the benefits of cloud in detail I would start with the Low Capex benefit provided by AWS Cloud. Low Capex would here mean reduction in capital expenditure in a layman’s dialect. But to para phrase the word, it means Pay As You Go service provided by AWS Cloud. This means one has to pay for the amount of services they actually use and not any additional cost or upfront cost, pay lesser when you grow and stop paying when you stop using the AWS services.

Citing about Agility Chandra said “It includes the quick provisioning of resources and applications.” This means that there is a greater flexibility to experiment and innovate using the power of Cloud.

Providing Scalability services to the customers means effortless Scaling of resources during the crowning times. Chandra instanced it as “Every server in the World today is either undersized or oversized”. To put it together it means AWS provides the service of Up and Down Scaling of Resources.

To Illustrate Go Global in Minutes he expressed the example of the company “Ramco” which with some guidance by AWS took 15 minutes to go global and start with a Brazilian Customer. AWS currently has 10 regions, 26 Availability Zones and 51 Edge Locations to make a customer Go Global in Minutes.

The Essence of Availability and Durability services were covered by examples such as Amazon S3-11 9s of durability @3c per GB per month.

He also discussed about the security capabalitites that AWS provides including Access Control, Encryption, Networking, Data Privacy and Physical Security.  Know more about the security best practices on AWS here.

Chandra concluded the first part of the event by leaving an innovative impression of Cloud Migration. To one of the questions he also covered about migration strategies like prioritizing the low hanging fruits (easy to migrate)  which included websites , digital marketing platforms or the IT workloads which has least business impact and then gradually moving on to the more critical ones like, HR applications, ERP  among others.

Varoon Rajani Speaks

Varoon Rajani

Complementing to second part of Event we had Varoon Rajani (CEO, BlazeClan Technologies) who threw the spotlight on the services provided by BlazeClan Technologies, an Advance Consulting Partner with Amazon Web Services. He continued the conversation by citing BlazeClan’s Experience in Managing AWS Infrastructure, being in the Top 3 for Managed Services Competency in Asia Pacific. Varoon also presented a few case studies that BlazeClan has already worked on along with the services provided by them such as building and deploying applications as well as migrating onto the Cloud.

The Event was followed by a networking breakfast where each one enquired about the queries of Cloud Computing such as adoption of cloud, applications that can go on cloud(utility computing) to which Chandra commented that legacy applications should be migrated on to cloud after all the other applications have been deployed and shared their experience in the event.

To conclude it was a Scholarly and Knowledgeable Experience to converse with people of varied mindsets about Cloud.

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