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Blazeclan Became An AWS Outposts Launch Partner!

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Recognized by AWS as an AWS Outposts launch partner, Blazeclan will be supporting its enterprise customers to build a successful hybrid cloud solution strategy, adhering to data sovereignty compliances. We, as a premier AWS partner, are well-known for bringing positive business outcomes at scale by rearchitecting complex workloads on the AWS cloud.

In today’s world, businesses are putting more effort into innovation to keep up with evolving market trends. Many businesses, especially in the financial world, are working on digitization and faster time to market. This has eventually led most organizations to embark on the cloud transformation journey. 

AWS has been the market leader for the last decade owing to its continuous innovation of services and products. Blazeclan, being a premier partner of AWS, has remained focused on the customers’ needs and has continuously helped its customers to move to public clouds with the most optimized architecture on AWS.

But, with more and more organizations wanting to move to the cloud, certain challenges, especially from a regulatory or user demand perspective, have come to the fore. A key example of this can be seen in the banking industry. In many countries, the core banking applications have to be on-premise because of latency and regulatory concerns. Similarly, there could be some other applications that need to be close to the proximity of a machine for effective operation on the data. Now, such organizations still do not want to miss out on the huge opportunity that cloud offers.

With this view, AWS Outposts can provide all the benefits of the cloud without migrating the workloads. Blazeclan has been one of the early partners to gain a better understanding and expertise on AWS Outposts, and therefore, can install it in your data center so that the applications can still make use of cloud-native services. Blazeclan already being an expert in cloud-native application development can modernize your applications using the AWS services and make them ready for a scalable, resilient, and efficient architecture.

Hence, can help to set-up AWS outposts and thereby, re-architect your applications to make use of all the efficient and future-ready solutions that AWS native services offer.

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