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How Data Accelerators Facilitate Modernization Efforts of Organizations

Technology leaders and CIOs are valiantly leading their organizations through changing industry dynamics. Today, every organization eyes innovation through data-driven business decisions. This is where data accelerators come into play. A set of repeatable assets, data accelerators are combined for mitigating challenges related to the technology, process, and people. Also, data accelerators help organizations reduce modernization costs and efforts dramatically.

Recent studies estimate that nearly half of the store data worldwide will nest in public cloud environments by 2025. Deep-rooted in hybrid, multi-cloud, and AI technologies, leading cloud services providers are reimagining the way organizations approach application modernization. Gartner estimates that by 2024, nearly three-fourth of organizations worldwide will incline toward operationalizing AI to drive an increase in analytics infrastructures.

Key Data Accelerators for Application Modernization

Traditional data warehousing processes and systems are now incapable of fuelling the enterprise engine. Bridging the data silos, enabling time to insights, eliminating inefficiencies involved with traditional systems, and maintaining security & compliance, are all the need of the hour. It is imperative that organizations understand their current and future capabilities, industry best practices, and service requirements for defining target-state business intelligence.

Leading cloud providers, such as Blazeclan, are helping organizations develop future-ready data platforms for delivering enhanced capabilities. Also, they are empowering organizations to develop an exhaustive change management framework along with an implementation roadmap. Consulting CSPs allows organizations to design and implement data and analytics solutions, facilitating them to derive actionable insights from raw data.

Most Prominent Data Accelerators

Data Modernization Accelerator

This data accelerator involves a set of reusable components that are coupled with the latest technologies for fast-tracking the data modernization requirements of organizations. It comes with a configurable data model that helps organizations pre-build transformations with the help of visualization temples and analytics reports.

Data Lake Accelerator

The data lake accelerator enables organizations to rapidly set up the essential building blocks for end-to-end data lake processes, ranging from ingestion to analytics. This empowers organizations to realize reduced management time, eliminate upfront costs and operating costs, drive business value, and achieve high security in data access, encryption, and logging.

Natural Language Processing

Data accelerators for natural language processing offers organizations with rapid outcomes in terms of capturing topics, sentiments, entities, and keywords from a vast array of social media platforms, domain-specific sources, or surveys. This accelerator comes with pre-processing frameworks for handling lemmatization, stemming, and stop words. This further helps organizations significantly save on development costs.

Document Text Extraction

Here, the data accelerator helps organizations in rapid text extraction from purchase orders, applications, forms, standard documents, and customs documents. The process is powered by cloud-based machine learning services, which comes with pre-built models for optical character recognition, tables, checkboxes, and form recognizers. The pre-built accelerators enable organizations to handle standardized templates, which in turn leads them to realize agile delivery and faster results.

To Conclude

Most digital-native organizations struggle to build an effective data platform to facilitate the management of data pipelines at scale and proliferation of machine learning frameworks. Data accelerators help organizations in scaling and simplifying their efforts in data science and engineering to align well with their mission-critical objectives.

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