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State of the Enterprise Cloud Computing

As the cloud computing space is progressively buoyed by innovations, enterprises – big and small – continue to spearhead adoption as they sprint on the digital transformation journey. The shift to the cloud is now ubiquitous, with investments accelerating at a staggering rate as organizations deploy their computing infrastructure and mission-critical workloads into the public cloud.


Investments in cloud computing allude greater flexibility to enterprises and the ability to respond to changing dynamics of the landscape. Cloud computing, for years sought as an effective cost reduction strategy, is currently becoming popular as a key enabler of the digital business model. Recent years have seen the shear on IT departments to deliver cloud platform components and applications.


Currently, the priority of executive management in tech-driven industries such as telecommunications/utilities, high-tech, and manufacturing, is to simplify complex manufacturing techniques using an overarching cloud platform that offers a unified, single system of record. The cloud platforms are significantly contributing to the growth of the manufacturing sector in diverse areas including customer deliveries, fulfillment, workflow optimization, better scheduling, visibility, and greater quality management.


The Uptake of Hybrid and Multi-Cloud 


Hybrid cloud is fast gaining traction among the cloud migration aspiring enterprises. As a complete transition to the cloud involves numerous challenges and difficulties, the hybrid cloud emerged as a feasible solution for enterprises to easily migrate their resources to the platform cost-effectively. Enterprises are seeking multiple cloud platforms that feature a mix of both public and private cloud as well as multi-cloud environments such as the AWS.


More and more enterprises are adopting the multi-cloud strategy to run their operations, and this is higher compared to the hybrid cloud. As the shift of workloads to the cloud continues to accelerate, multi-cloud environments that comprise a perfect blend of different vendors and on-premise computing are becoming the norm for enterprises.


Recent studies by technology giants point at an influx of cloud solutions & services such as PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS. IaaS is the fastest growing cloud service while SaaS remains the most lucrative cloud service. It has been observed that investments in PaaS are growing at a significant rate, playing a key role in redefining the cloud computing landscape. 


Developments in Quantum Computing to Favor Prospects


The race to develop a quantum computer is picking up pace, with global tech leaders such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, investing considerable time & resources. Quantum computing will see a huge leap in 2020 with rapid developments in the field and is touted to reshape the way computing is done. Advances in quantum computing will also create a radical disruption in areas such as encryption, drug delivery, financial modeling, and weather forecasting, among others.


The enterprise cloud is getting closer and closer to becoming an ideal computing platform. Recent trends allude growing power and accessibility to cloud computing in the upcoming years. Prospects for the cloud computing landscape are promising, with a healthy competition area for various cloud vendors offering a blend of the enterprise cloud services.

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