ITC Infotech acquires Blazeclan Technologies to enhance Multi-Cloud services and fast-track digital transformation

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A Leading Insurance Firm Leveraged AWS Cloud and Achieved 100% Security Compliance

The customer is a licensed entity under the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), provides cashless hospitalization to insurance policy holders. The firm facilitates potential clients of the insurance industry in their medical checkups with the help of tele MER, video MER, diagnostic center visits, and home visits. It also provides digitalized and advanced IT solutions for medical operations such as ECG readings, XRT, policy repeals & updates, and so on.

The Challenge

The customer was aiming to bring high availability and scalability to their Insurance application platform. They wanted their application to be up and running without any interference. They couldn’t afford any downtime during the process, as any outage of systems directly impacted the claim and settlement processes of patients. The customer partnered with Blazeclan for effective deployment of their insurance application platform on a highly available and scalable environment.

The Solution

Blazeclan understood the requirements of the customer and suggested their insurance application platform to be migrated from their on-premise DC to AWS cloud. It was proposed that AWS cloud be leveraged for designing a robust, reliable, and secure architecture for the platform.

A strategic roadmap was planned for provisioning the AWS infrastructure, involving the setup of application servers and databases. Along with the AWS cloud deployment, the customer was also offered with managed services for the smooth functioning of their infrastructure.

  • A multi-VPC strategy has been used for multiple environments where the application would be deployed. On the other hand, the production environment was hosted on completely different and independent VPCs.
  • The production VPC is not directly accessible to the developers or admin team of the customer however the access has been made available through the management VPC.
  • The EC2 instances that host the application servers are set up in an Auto scaling group and the database environment has been hosted on EC2 instances on a private DB subnet.

In the managed service, Blazeclan proposes the customer to have an SLA-driven technical support. The access to the ticket management system is given to them where they can raise support tickets. Some of the activities under managed services offered include

  • Incidents related to compute, storage, and network.
  • Application tier interferences
  • Changes in the production environment

Benefits Achieved by the Customer

High Scalability: AWS cloud migration along with managed services helped the customer bring high scalability to their application platform. Moving their system to the cloud also introduced them to a new auto scaling feature with minimum downtime.

Cost Optimization: The solution opened up the possibility of optimizing the infrastructure cost for the customer. The benefit of cost optimization enabled the customer to have better control of their overall IT budget.

Improved Performance: The performance of the application platform was significantly enhanced with the cloud migration, owing to the highly available and agile nature of the environment.

High Availability: Multi-availability zones used has helped the customer in achieving a highly available infrastructure for their application platform. Also, it facilitated them in maintaining high application availability with low redundancy.

Tech Stack

Amazon EC2 Amazon S3 Amazon VPC
AWS IAM Amazon CloudWatch Amazon CloudTrail
AWS Transit Gateway AWS Lambda MS SQL
Dot Net Framework