ITC Infotech acquires Blazeclan Technologies to enhance Multi-Cloud services and fast-track digital transformation

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Blazeclan Enhanced Malaysian Govt. Organization’s Revenue by Bringing ~1 Mn Users Onboard

The customer spearheads the smart city initiative via numerous activities and programs. The administrative staff of the customer faced challenges in monitoring the city development activities and managing transactions involved in customer services. It was looking for effective, hassle-free solutions that would eliminate the aforesaid challenges and offer a smooth operation of processes.

The Pain Points of Customer and Requirements Set Forth

Monitoring and evaluation remain key imperatives for smart city project management plans. The administrative staff has been facing barriers in gaining an integrated view of data from different applications. This has further led to inefficient monitoring and evaluation of the city development activities, including the undertakings of public transport facilities, reports of the CCTV live tracking and progress in infrastructure maintenance.

The state comprises of 12 PBTs (pihak berkuasa tempatan) overall, the city administration and the project have been facing challenges related to additional resources and time required for managing these activities. The state offers 3 services in all PBTs, which include Business License Application, Traffic Compound, and Tax Assessment. The customers either use to make the payments by visiting the PBT office or by online access. For online access to these services, the citizens had separate logins for each PBT to perform transactions, which has been time-intensive.

The customer has been seeking a one-stop-shop and hassle-free application that facilitates the operations involved in business license approval for citizens, traffic compounds, and tax assessment.

Application Development and Steps Taken to Meet the Customer’s Requirements

Blazeclan performed a thorough assessment of the customer’s working environment and identified key pain points to be addressed. Two new innovative applications were proposed, dedicated to the citizens and administrative staff of the state. These applications were developed by using the cloud-native application framework, to leverage the benefits of the cloud in this Smart State project.

The project was bifurcated into two phases. Phase I was dedicated for the administrative staff to help them monitor activities of public buses across the state. Two applications were developed for eliminating the aforementioned challenges of the administrative staff.

This phase will also work on providing data on potholes and information about Air Quality, along with CCTV footage of administrative office building in a single map. An insights dashboard was delivered that facilitated the decision-making process for the administration through real-time data reports.

Phase II involved the application development for making it easy for citizens in the process of business license application, traffic compound, and tax assessment. This will initially include 2 out of 12 PBTs while others prepare to integrate with the application. The application developed is all-inclusive and citizens have access to services across all PBTs. This is will further promote more users to prefer online payments.

This application serves as a single-stop-solution for the citizens. Enabled by CMS and integrated with a digital ID service, a single sign-on process, this application will also benefit upcoming services whose integration with CMS is imminent. This will further facilitate users to log in and access multiple applications via CMS.

Key Amazon Services Used in the Application Development:

  • In a bid to ensure the accuracy of the Amazon EC2 instances available for handling the application loads, the auto-scaling feature was utilized.

  • To meet the traffic demands, the Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) was used, in light of its key attributes such as the automatic distribution of inbound application traffic, and scaling of resources.

  • Simple Email Service (SES), which is supported by a scalable and reliable infrastructure, ensured a cost-effective customer validation and updating process.

  • The customer login authentication, authorization, and management were done using the Amazon Cognito, for mobile and website applications alike.

  • The offerings of Amazon Route 53 have also been leveraged, owing to its highly available and scalable Domain Name System (DNS).

The citizens were able to access the gateway to all government-paid services at various levels on a single console without any hassle. An estimated 3.5 million users will use this application. The administrative staff can now access SITS and i-RS on a single screen, which enables the reduction of resource consumption and gives more insights from the new dashboard. 

The applications developed also ensured improved user interaction by using a single sign for all the state administrative activities. The citizens across all PBTs were enabled to pay the fines and taxes via a single online portal, devoid of login to multiple portals for availing the city services.

The applications developed by Blazeclan are easily & highly scalable and do not require extensive development work. The administrative staff can now monitor and evaluate the city development activities on a  single map, with reduced resource utilization.

More Value Additions

  • This application will attract more users to go cashless, in turn complementing the stage of economic revenue.

  • The new reporting dashboard developed offers additional analytical reports and real-time data assessments.

Tech Stack

Amazon EC2

Amazon RDS

Amazon ELB

Amazon SES

Amazon Cognito

Amazon Route 53