ITC Infotech acquires Blazeclan Technologies to enhance Multi-Cloud services and fast-track digital transformation

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Blazeclan Leveraged Cloudlytics To Gain Real-Time Insights And Realize Effective Deployment Of Applications

Customer Profile

BlazeClan is a Premier Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Consulting company, providing cloud consulting and managed services. An organisation that is born in the cloud, it has an international presence with offices across the ASEAN region (Malaysia and Singapore), Europe (Belgium and France), U.S.A. and Canada, along with a strong sales presence and primary delivery centre in India.

Established in 2010, BlazeClan has attained various accolades including AWS Premier Consulting Partner status, AWS Manage Service Partner status, AWS Big Data, DevOps Competency status, Customer Obsession Recognition 2014 and 2015, Partner of the Year ASEAN 2015 and Consulting Partner – West India.

BlazeClan caters to a growing number of clients, with a focus on high-scale start-ups, independent software vendors (ISVs) and enterprises. It offers services of cloud advisory, migration and deployment, and product development, as well as managed services and big data and analytics. Clients receive the benefits of agility to business, reduced cost of operation, decreased time to market and the scalability of enterprise workloads. The organisation works with numerous clients including Fraser & Neave, Domino’s, Mondelez International, Viacom 18, Cox & Kings, and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

The Solution

Cloudlytics is a scalable data analysis platform that helps in collecting streaming data from multiple sources like Connected Devices, Server Logs or any other any kind of event data easily, carry out transformations on the data and create dashboards to help understand the data’s behavioural patterns, and lastly, generate actionable insights.

It follows 4 steps including:

  • Connect – It supports standard protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, TCP so that any client capable of using the above protocols can send data to us.
  • Collect -Hosted on a robust cloud platform ( AWS ), this platform scales as per needs and is highly available.
  • Transform – Pre-built transformation templates for commonly used log formats to help get valuable information out of your data at the earliest.
  • Visualise – it helps find value from the data by building graphs.
  • Alerts – it helps in monitoring the data real-time and receives alerts.

Cloudlytics 2.0 covers the following components:

  • Aggregation Engine– This engine is in charge of aggregating data produced by large-scale applications from various sources such as IOT Devices, servers for buffering. HTTP, TCP and MQTT protocols are supported by this engine for data ingestion. Amazon Kinesis along with custom API layer has been used to constitute the aggregation layer.
  • Transformation Engine– Specific rules are fed into the engine to provide meaningful descriptions of these data by transforming raw data into information. Examples include identifying information related to IP addresses, countries with the maximum no. of hit requests, state from which the content is being downloaded etc. A combination of Amazon Elastic Map Reduce (EMR), Logstash and Talend along with custom wrappers has been used to constitute the transformation layer.
  • Querying Engine– Using AWS services like AWS Lambda and AWS Elastic Search in querying engine allows users to perform advanced queries to gain visibility into transformed data. This is graphically and visually reported on the dashboard.
  • Visualization– Based on the filtered data from the advanced queries, the results are organised and presented in customised views using various tools like Kibana, Graffana and Tableau.

The Benefits

  • Leverages Big Data Tools and Technologies
  • Integration with our Managed Services Support System
  • User-friendly advanced interface
  • Real-Time Insights
  • Effective Deployment
  • Personal Cloud Manager
  • Scalable and Fast