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Disaster Recovery Via Cloudendure For India Based Finance Company

About Company

Our customer is a prominent and well-diversified financial services company based in India. They offer comprehensive lending, financing, and wealth management solutions to a diverse range of customers. The company is committed to excellence and aims to provide end-to-end financial services to meet its customers’ needs.

The Challenge

The customer faced a critical challenge regarding their application server after migrating from on-premises to the cloud. As a standalone machine connected to an AWS-managed database (RDS), the application had high criticality. The customer required a low Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of just 15 minutes for both the database and EC2 instance.

Key Requirements of the Customer

  • Low RPO requirement for both the database and EC2 instance
  • Ensure application recovery and data integrity
  • Minimise performance impact during replication and backup processes

The Solution

To overcome the challenges and achieve a low RPO, our team devised a comprehensive solution leveraging CloudEndure, following these steps:

  • Database Replication: For the AWS-managed database (RDS), we set up a read replica in a different region to achieve the desired RPO. It ensured continuous replication and synchronisation of data, providing data integrity and minimising recovery time.
  • Application Server Resilience: As the EC2 instance had persistent data crucial for application recovery, traditional backup and snapshot methods were not feasible due to the time required for snapshot creation and the associated performance impact. To address this, we utilised CloudEndure Disaster Recovery Solution (DRS). We installed the CloudEndure agent on the source machine, enabling continuous data replication to the target region. This approach ensured a low RPO for the standalone EC2 machine and minimised the risk of data loss.
  • Cost Optimisation: To keep costs low while maintaining the desired RPO, we configured the replication instance and read the replica on smaller compute resources. This approach ensured efficient resource utilisation without compromising on the necessary resilience.

Benefits Achieved by the Customer

  • Low Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of less than 15 minutes for the standalone EC2 machine, ensuring minimal data loss during disruptions.
  • Continuous replication and synchronisation of data for the AWS-managed database (RDS), ensuring data integrity and application recovery.
  • Minimised performance impact during replication and backup processes, thanks to the seamless integration of CloudEndure DRS.
  • Cost optimisation through the utilisation of smaller compute resources for the replication instance and read replica, reducing infrastructure expenses.