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Synpulse Transforms Banking with Secure, Automated Cloud Deployments for Multi-Tenant Applications

About Customer ​

Synpulse is a global consulting partner elevating their clients in the financial sphere with tailor-made solutions, every step of the way. Providing high-quality, cost-effective consulting and technology services and solutions in the banking and Insurance sector.​

Specialize in Tailor-made Core Banking Packages, Premium Pricing, Risk Optimization, Industrialization & Sourcing, Revenue-based Sales Controlling, Sustainable Process Management, Health Value Chain, Lean Client Relationship Management, Integrated Compliance, Insurance, Banking, Technology, Bespoke Engineering, Tech Advisory, and Ecosystem Partners Implementation.​


  • Synpulse needed to build a fully managed platform on AWS cloud for offering a platform as a service to banks to host their application for multiple customers. ​
  • They also wanted quick turnaround for provisioning of resources, automated deployments, scalable infra, security compliance and lower operational and support costs.​

Solution ​

  • We have built AWS Organization setup (MALZ) with a control tower using AWS Account factory with Terraform (AWS AFT). ​
  • Terraform to manage the account creation and onboarding of AWS Account.​
  • Deployed the App Stream service to bank users to use Microservices APIs from their network using AWS VPN Setup for UAT and SIT accounts.​
  • Deployed and configured AWS Direct connect setup using third-party VPN service Fortinet VPN appliance for secure encrypted traffic from On-prem to AWS cloud from two different vendors and locations for Mastercard locations deployed AWS Network firewall as well for handling egress traffic for having two MFA authentications for EKS-hosted applications.​
  • CICD pipeline for resource deployment with integration with Azure AD for secure platform access. ​
  • Open-Search dashboard for SOC monitoring logs OU-based approach in AWS organization to isolate customer environments.​
  • As part of the security review process, we have also done the WAR for all accounts for the platform.​
  • For managing OS vulnerabilities management with an automation approach, we have deployed custom AWS SSM documents to patch both Linux and Windows OS​

Services/Tools Used​

  • AWS (AWS Organization with Control tower)​
  • AWS account factory with Terraform​
  • AWS Hybrid DNS​
  • AWS Network firewall​
  • Fortinet appliance​
  • CICD​
  • EKS​
  • App Stream service​
  • Azure AD​
  • OpenSearch

Key Business Highlights​

We were able to set up an environment that is scalable, highly secure, automated, and resilient.

  • Enhanced Security: By using Fortinet VPN appliance, MFA, Dashboards for SOC monitoring logs, OU-based AWS organization, and Automated patching, the customer environment was made extra secure.

  • Scalability: Using MALZ with control tower using AWS AFT, a highly scalable environment was configured.

  • Cost savings: By using automated provisioning, patching and deployments, a lot of operational costs have been reduced.

PUBLISHED: 10th July 2024