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Reducing Time to Market with AWS- A CXO’s Guide

Moving to cloud is nowadays considered a faster way to move your product to market. As simple as it may sound, there are ample considerations before making this strategically important move. How about you as a business focus on scaling the business while someone else takes care of the infrastructure, security & stability?

Well, AWS has already made waves throughout the industry for being the platform offering multiple innovative services under one roof. AWS shares around 35% of the entire cloud market share. When it comes to reliability, security and time to get started AWS definitely takes the lead.

In this blog we try to hit upon those pain points & see how AWS could play an important role in reducing time to market.

1. Setup time

Coming on AWS cloud platform has various benefits and the most important one is the time to setup your infrastructure. Within a few minutes one can get started and host applications in a production ready environment. The ease of use is definitely one of the fortes of AWS and they thrive to make it simpler each day. Also, the compute capacity that one needs is always available on the platform.

The AWS Cloud Platform provides really good documentation with even better support. Informative, precise & consisting of 100s of use cases, one can get to know how AWS has helped so many businesses around the globe.

2. Development & deployments made as simple as they can

On an average, a developer works for 8 hours a day. Now, would you want him/her to develop code for the product or end up spending all the time setting up the infrastructure for the various pipelines? Of Course, the former.
Amazon has you covered. The platform offers a range of services where one does not even need to worry about the underlying servers or infrastructure. Here we would like to talk about one such service – AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Elastic Beanstalk offers a way where one can just choose the type of application, choose the type of instances one wants etc., upload the code as a zip onto the console, click a button and boom; the code is deployed, up & running.

Services like AWS Cloud9, AWS CodeStar, CodeDeploy etc. further help in reducing the actual code development time as they facilitate setting up entire continuous Integration & delivery pipelines on AWS. The entire suite of these services is listed here.

3. Beautiful console and reliable SDKs & APIs

AWS has one of the most appealing platform consoles out there. The visibility of the various resources on the console is very detailed & one gets to see all the information they want.

SDKs and APIs on the platform make it extremely simple to integrate the services from a web application to a mobile application. Through APIs one can control and access the various resources. AWS itself believes in DevOps & with the help of these APIs one can reach a good level of automation and ease of access.

4. Safe & Secure out of the box

Another very important factor that helps to get started on AWS is that it supports all the major compliances like PCI, ISO etc. The link here has more details.

Though AWS relies on a shared responsibility model, all the underlying infrastructure follows most of the IT compliances. So, while one starts on AWS they can start without worrying about the infrastructure & servers. All you, as a business need to worry about is the application.

5. Elasticity & Scalability

When a business is just starting out or just moving from an on-premise deployment to a cloud, users want the flexibility to modify and pay only for the resources they use & till the time they use it. With AWS that can be done with the utmost ease as they support it out of the box.

Once the application goes live, it is most likely to scale in terms of traffic/usage. But does one need to worry about it at the beginning? NO. AWS supports on-the-go scaling of resources when a certain metric like the number of requests or the usage of resources reaches a certain threshold. In AWS terms this is known as autoscaling. Be it a mass push or a campaign, scaling up will never be a problem.

6. Pricing & TCO

AWS Total Cost of Ownership Calculator is an amazing product built on the platform. Even before spending any capital on the platform, one can calculate what the monthly/yearly costs would be & how much a business can save on the platform. So, no surprises at all. Along with that a Simple Monthly Cost Calculator is also available. Anyone starting out can definitely make use of this and give the correct information to the stakeholders which eases out the process even further.

Costs are often considered as barriers to getting started on a cloud platform. Provisions have definitely been made on the platform to support cost-saving & with the right kind of expertise, it’s even simpler.

BlazeClan excels in helping companies transition to the cloud in the most effortless manner possible.
Get in touch with us now, and we’ll ensure that you are able to launch your products at scale without much ado. At Blazeclan, we make sure to put in our years of experience to help clients enter the market as soon as possible with minimalistic overhead.

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