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6 Must Attend Sessions at AWS re:Invent 2014 if You are looking to Migrate onto Cloud

AWS re:Invent is a learning conference that offers 3 days of technical content so attendees can dive deeper into the AWS cloud computing platform. The event is ideal for developers, architects, and technical decision-makers. The event will also attract AWS partners, press, and analysts interested in cloud computing. The majority of the conference content is focused on technical deep dives for existing AWS customers, but there are also content covering new service announcements, overviews of existing services, and content for executive decision makers.

If you will be going to Vegas, you must be looking forward to a great week of valuable technical sessions, fun after-hours activities, and much more.

The sheer number of sessions (21 Tracks, 267 Sessions and 421 Speakers) is overwhelming and might confuse the attendees about which of these to attend. If you are an IT exec, IT Decision maker and are looking for crucial inputs on how to migrate to Cloud or understanding the best migration strategies, and setting up here is a list 6 sessions which you must attend.

  1. Session on Why Traditional are moving Business Applications on AWS Cloud- This will cover the drivers, planning considerations, and business and IT benefits achieved by moving business applications to the cloud, in the context of the Mosaic case study- a global leader in industrial and agricultural products.
  1. This session talks about Coca-Cola’s effort to migrate hundreds of applications from on-premises to AWS. The focus will be on migration best practices, security considerations, helpful tools, automation, and business processes used to complete the effort. Key AWS technologies highlighted will be AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon VPC, AWS CloudFormation, and the AWS APIs.
  1. Another Migration Case Study- Trimble Sketchup 3D Warehouse to AWS will be discussed. Trimble will discuss the AWS services used (Amazon EC2, Amazon CloudFront, and others) and the flexibility Trimble achieved by using these services—such as how CloudFront allowed Trimble to operate out of a single region, greatly reducing the complexity of deployment across the world.
  1. Running Lean Architectures- Reviewing a wide range of cost planning, monitoring, and optimization strategies, featuring real-world experience from AWS customer Adobe Systems. With the massive growth of subscribers to Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Adobe’s footprint in AWS continues to expand. Discussing the techniques used to optimize and manage costs, while maximizing performance and improving resiliency. Effectively combining EC2 On-Demand, Reserved, and Spot instances to handle different use cases, leveraging auto-scaling to match capacity to workload, choosing the most optimal instance type through load testing, taking advantage of multi-AZ support, and using CloudWatch to monitor usage and automatically shutting off resources when not in use.
  1. AWS Professional Services has developed a set of successful best practices, tools, and techniques that help migration factories optimize the speed of delivery and success rate. This session will cover the complete lifecycle of an application portfolio migration with special emphasis on how to organize and conduct the assessment and how to identify elements that can benefit from cloud architecture.
  1. In this session, you can explore the relationship between technical infrastructure and organization and how to find the right balance of centralized and decentralized operations. The rationale, goals, strategies, and technologies applied to accomplish this daunting task will also be covered.

Other Interesting Sessions also include:

Rendering a Seamless Satellite Map of the World with AWS and NASA Data, Your First Big Data Application on AWS & many more.

So what are you waiting for Pack Your bags & Vegas it is this year.

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