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Artificial Intelligence Tools by AWS

The field of computer science is witnessing a flurry of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) services that are enabling businesses to solve the many cognitive problems that can help them perform better.

All of the jargons associated with AI and Ml can be very vague for a business to understand and it does not address how a business can access and make use of the many benefits that these technologies bring. In order to give you a much better understanding of the Artificial Intelligence tools that AWS offers let’s see some of the services that your business can make use of. So, without further ado let’s get started.

Amazon Personalize

If your business is in need of individualized recommendations for your customers, then Amazon Personalize is your best bet at achieving this. Machine learning systems are not easy to develop and as a result systems that are capable of making sophisticated recommendations remain out of reach for the vast majority of businesses. With Amazon Personalize, organizations can make improve existing content recommendations and provide their customers with search results that are tailored to their preferences. Amazon Personalize will also improve any company’s targeted marketing promotions.

Amazon Forecast

Organizations all over the globe want the best tools in their arsenal to forecast future outcomes with as much accuracy as possible. The tools that make such forecasts do it by analysing the historical data, called time series data. But, most of these tools are not efficient enough when dealing with large sets of data and they might fail to combine independent variables with annals of data that continues to change.

Amazon Forecast, on the other hand, utilises machine learning to build forecasts. Amazon Forecast only requires historical data along with any other variables that you believe might have an impact on the forecasts in the coming days or months. And, since the service is fully managed, there are no deployments required.

Amazon Rekognition

Amazon Rekognition as the name suggests is a highly accurate facial analysis and facial recognition service that works with images and videos. The service can detect, analyse, and compare faces for an array of use cases.

The service doesn’t require any machine learning experience in order to implement, and the API is simple to implement.

Amazon Comprehend

Unstructured data is a goldmine of potential insights and learnings. Be it customer emails, support tickets, product reviews or social media comments, insights garnered from these can be used to help businesses achieve the desired metrics. Machine learning excels at identifying specific items of interest from huge chunks of data and can report the sentiment that the language is trying to convey.

Amazon Comprehend with the use of machine learning helps you with insights and relationships that the unstructured data is hinting at.

If the need is the extraction of complex medical information from unstructured text, then the appropriate service that will be required is Amazon Comprehend Medical.

Amazon Comprehend can identify relevant medical information from a number of sources like doctor’s notes, clinical trial reports, and health records. The service can also identify the relationship among the information that was extracted for easier analysis.

Amazon Textract

Manual extraction of information from documents and forms is not only slow and expensive but can also be error-prone. Some companies use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for extraction, and it poses its own unique problems like the difficulty of customising rules for different forms. If the rules are not customised, then it is quite likely that output might end up scrambled.

Amazon Textract doesn’t have to deal the kind of problems mentioned above because of its use of machine learning. Its implementation of machine learning enables it to read any type of document it is presented with and accurately extract the text and data. This can allow a business to process millions of documents in hours.

Amazon Lex

If chatbots are something the piques your interest, then Amazon Lex is the service for you.

The feature enables you to embed a conversational interface into applications using voice and text.

The benefit of Amazon Lex lies in its ability to provide deep learning functionalities like automatic speech recognition (ASR) which converts speech to text. It is also capable of natural language understanding (NLU) using which the service can interpret the intent, thus helping you create user experiences that are highly engaging. Amazon Lex provides similar deep learning capabilities that power it’s popular virtual assistant Alexa. This makes it possible for any developer to build sophisticated chatbots capable of natural language processing in no time.

Since Lex is a fully managed service organisations don’t have to worry about infrastructure management.

There are many use cases for each of the above service mentioned, and there are many more services that use Machine Learning and Deep Learning to help businesses gain insights that were previously inaccessible. AI continues to become smarter as more data continues to pour in. And, in this lies tremendous opportunities for businesses that want to use these solutions to grow using data points that will enable them to tap into undiscovered potential.

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