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BlazeClan at the AWS Summit Singapore 2018 – The ‘Breakthrough’ highlights

The Beginning

Enterprises look forward to a well-architected solution which is not only robust but can withstand the technological advancements taking place. And to showcase – 21st century architectures in the cloud era, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit Singapore 2018 was the perfect stage as it was packed with an audience of over 6,000 attendees along with 100+ sessions and 40+ sponsors. The best part, Varoon Rajani, CEO – BlazeClan Technologies had a speaker session at the AWS Summit where building long-lasting architectures would be discussed in the depth. In addition, as Diamond sponsors, we had a booth at the summit to showcase our other cloud offerings as well.

Partner Summit

A day before the event, a Partner Summit was organized by AWS, Varoon gave a fantabulous speech showcasing BlazeClan journey as a company. The session imparted how beneficial it was for BlazeClan to switch from a SaaS tech company to a dedicated cloud consulting/managed services partner. The team had a great time in knowing new plans the AWS ecosystem had for 2018.

Few snapshots from the AWS Partner Summit 

21st Century Architectures in Cloud – Key Highlights

The event kicked off with the opening keynote from Mai-Lan Tomsen Bukovec, Vice President and General Manager Amazon S3, AWS. Varoon’s speaker session which was categorized in the Modern Builders L300+ section, and it was right after the keynote session.

  • Varoon imparted the evolvement of 21st century architectures in the cloud era and how innovative concepts should follow the four commandments – be resilient, be adaptive, be data-driven and not model driven.
  • Moreover, a 21st century architecture is secured, scalable, fault-tolerant and offer high performance with fewer costs to the pocket.
  • Varoon then focussed on how Big Data & AI, Cloud and Open Source are disrupting the architecture style by bringing in agility, innovation, efficiency, persona and quick business outcomes.
  • Once implemented, the benefits of 21st century enterprises outweighing the challenges. Here, making an informed decision which is a must for enterprises lately.
  • The session then included a customer success story where BlazeClan had invited Steve Ng, Lead – Digital Operations and Platforms of Mediacorp Pte Ltd. Steve talked about how BlazeClan had prioritized Medicorp’s requirement of automating their processes through a DevOps approach. It also reduced the operating costs and time by a considerable margin, which was a priority for Mediacorp.

Here is the complete video of the 21st Century Architectures in Cloud.

The Need for AI, ML, and IoT

The AWS Summit Singapore 2018 showcased how Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and the Internet of Things (IoT) were talked to a great extent. Last year, AWS had launched Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Translate, Amazon Comprehend, and Amazon Rekognition Video. These services bring out the best when it comes to ML, this summit exhibited how these tools can be leveraged for simplifying and delivering better services to end customers.

Lex and Rekognition were in the limelight as they are few of the high-level tools under the AI umbrella, and these tools can actually solve real-world business problems. Moreover, with the type of machine learning frameworks, AWS is currently offering, users can enjoy the freedom of building their own models.

AWS focusses on helping its customers by leveraging the benefits of Amazon FreeRTOS, AWS IoT Device Management, AWS IoT Device Defender, AWS IoT Analytics and AWS Greengrass ML Interface. Moreover, AWS Greengrass is helping customers’ to sense, understand and take action in regards to their data. In addition, with such AWS IoT suite of services, it therefore becomes easy to implement smarter algorithms, extract data and offer spot on services demanded by end consumers.

Engagement at the booth

The day had almost come to an end with all the activities taking place at the booth. We had swags being rolled out during the entire session at the booth. In addition, a raffle ticket program was run where the winning prize would be a VR box, and we had a winner. Rhodmie Sagum had won and was the official owner of a new VR box.

Did anyone mention that there was a huge winding queue at our booth before and after Varoon’s speaker session? Visitors at the booth were inquisitive in knowing about our services through the BlazeTalks session. Thus ended the AWS Summit Singapore where our goals and priorities had a new dimension, briefly put – a new roadmap was set in offering exceptional cloud services.

Moving Towards a New Horizon

The AWS Summit Singapore 2018 was a huge success with great people and great content. Moreover, Varoon’s session imparted the benefits of why enterprises should adopt modern cloud architecture as they impeccably deliver security, operational excellence, performance efficiency, cost optimization and reliability in the long run.

Feel free to contact us for your cloud needs, as an AWS premier partner we can surely assist you shaping your cloud journey by delivering bespoke and innovative cloud solutions infused with AWS best practices and cutting-edge AWS capabilities.

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