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What will Cloud Computing Be Like In Next 2 years

As Cloud Computing is widely getting adopted abroad we see an increasing trend change in India also, for migrating onto cloud. According to a Gartner Research the public cloud services market in India is on pace to grow 32.2 per cent in 2014 to $556.8 million.

Looking at the above fact can we conclude that India will be able to develop at a faster rate and will be able to cut down the cost that it is investing on the in-house IT Infrastructure?

Petite knowledge about Cloud and its advantages, Indian market also has a huge opportunity of moving onto cloud, rather than taking it as an opportunity cost.

In India, market sources are predicting cloud computing to generate 2 million jobs by 2015. Cloud computing today, is reshaping the Indian IT market by not only generating a huge potential for the IT companies but at the same time changing the way society has traditionally been looking at IT adoption.

However, what is more crucial today is to determine which applications would run efficiently in the cloud and offer substantial ROI for your enterprise, which further raises questions in similar perspective such as can Legacy Applications be deployed on Cloud Computing?

So, the answer to this is Yes, you can deploy Legacy Applications like ERP, SAP on Cloud.

Another growing dispute for Cloud Computing in Indian Market includes “Security”, one of the major concerns of enterprises- specially the SME’s.

An example here might get you on second thoughts– the Founder & Director of iResearch Services, migrated onto Cloud 6 years ago, was the best business decision he’s made since starting his $2 million Pune-based research Company.

This Company initially struggled with a lot of crashed servers, missing emails and corrupted files- appears like a dreadful story for its 150-workforce dealing with data spanning 100 countries and in more than 30 languages.

With this do you think security should still remain a subject matter when companies like IResearch which gathers business intelligence for global clients migrated onto cloud due to the incapability of in-house infrastructure and continuous server crashes.

Diving deeper with the Indian Market we can also explore that Subscription based service model and cost effectiveness are two important factors that drive more and more Indian companies and SME’s to enter and utilize cloud-based applications.

To substantiate on these aspects an IDC survey of 473 respondents, 200 of which were small organizations, showed a huge willingness to adopt the cloud technology counting the next four years, CIOs in India expecting the majority of IT running in the cloud or on SaaS technologies numbers to increase to 67 percent.

Other evidences to attest the Security concerns erroneous are the reports which show that there are over 8,000 companies in India that have already checked-in the rooms of AWS Cloud, including large enterprises such as Tata Motors, Reliance Entertainment, NDTV, Narayana Health, Macmillan India, EROS International, Malayala Manorama and Sony Entertainment. Reliance Entertainment has 40 per cent of its total IT workload on AWS; Tata Motors has moved many non-critical applications to AWS.

Some other concerns for the Indian Market are about the Storage Services, Backup & Disaster Recovery, Content Delivery Network & Web Hosting.

So, the answer to this is that the silver lining of Cloud Computing does understand the importance of solutions to all these queries that are very crucial for every enterprise be it SME’s or large business to step into a new IT Infrastructure.

Cloud providers like Amazon Web Services do provide services like Amazon S3, Pilot Light, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon EC2 & Route 53 for all the above mentioned.

Do you still think there’s more left to packing your bags & moving onto Cloud where all the gigantic companies have already embarked on the AWS Ship and are sailing negligently.

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