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How Amazon WorkSpaces Supports the Remote Workforce

The pandemic outbreak of coronavirus is forcing organizations around the world to adopt work-from-home (WFH) solutions, which has been creating a demand for various Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions. Amazon WorkSpaces is one of the topnotch solutions which is making this possible with much convenience and effectiveness. It gives organizations with a monitored and controlled virtual workspace environment to support continued business amidst the crisis.

The COVID-19 spread continues to alter the work culture, forcing businesses to provide their employees with WFH solutions. One thing is absolutely clear to the businesses worldwide – supporting a larger remote workforce is tricky. It is important to enabling the employees with secure access to the respective corporate assets. Amazon WorkSpaces helps organizations in provisioning both Windows and Linux desktops in a matter of minutes and quick scaling to offer thousands of desktops to their employees across the globe.

Tackling the Global Challenge of Remote Working with WorkSpaces

For the average organization, it is an exception to allow their staff to work remotely. Every organization has its own challenges, with its employees often facing issues intermittently or continuously depending on the nature of their work. Supporting a usually small number of employees working remotely for a long-term involves ad hoc arrangements. This can be further attributed to the level of complexity involved in the tasks and the technical assistance required.

Many remotely working employees are tech-savvy, which makes providing support relatively easier to manage. In such conditions, as unprecedented as they may seem, informal arrangements do not have any chance of working successfully. And with Amazon WorkSpaces, it would not be an overstatement to say that it is a boon in the time of crisis such as the contemporary coronavirus spread. This DaaS solution secures and makes supporting the remote workforce easier, irrespective of their location or how diverse the requirements are.

Greater Responsiveness For All Supported Systems

With Amazon WorkSpaces organizations can enable their remotely working employees to access any application they need through a cloud desktop. A range of software and hardware combinations together make the WorkSpaces complete, with cloud desktops running directly on Macbooks, PCs, Chromebooks, Android tablets, etc. This remains true to even web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. Also, Amazon WorkSpaces is easier to budget and provision, as organizations can provision multiple systems at once.

In any case, Amazon WorkSpaces specifies all the system resources that are essential, the software, and choosing the desktop operating system. Also, this DaaS solution enables switching between billing modes, based on the user requirements while allowing to choose the most cost-effective options simultaneously. Since these are cloud-hosted systems, it is simpler to deliver hands-on assistance to all the users.

Easier Support to Remote Workforce While Running Business Continuously

With the coronavirus situation developing at such a rapid pace, remote working is the best and most valuable tool for organizations worldwide. The pandemic ailment has caused several businesses to explore DaaS solutions and implement WFH policies. While everyone starts to stay quarantined for the sake of personal health, it has become imperative for a business to keep its operations running for the sake of organizational health. With Amazon WorkSpaces, organizations are facilitated to provision their teams with tools that they require to keep the wheel of business turning, while they take measures to tackle the outbreak.

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