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How Cloud Migration is Helping Organizations Pull Through the Pandemic Quake

The novel coronavirus has set a wave of unrest across the business landscape, turning opportunities into challenges and challenges into opportunities. Ensuring employee safety, business continuity and tackling demand headwinds has left organizations stressed. However, cloud computing is here to relieve organizations of the sudden pressure. Businesses, large and small are eyeing cloud migration to accommodate their remote workforce and shift more workloads on the cloud.

Organizations across industry sectors are focusing on data modernization to leverage advanced analytics and new-age applications while moving from legacy systems to the cloud. Security is at the top of the mind of organizations, particularly when cyberattacks are growing more and more sophisticated. Several organizations are struggling in in-house security management. This has made them turn to cloud managed services, which helps in risk mitigation with cost-effectiveness.

Strategizing a Secure Cloud Migration Framework

This is not so easy a task. For several organizations, the business they perceive at present is completely different than the way they were running before the pandemic. This has prompted them to look for solutions that would help them respond and adapt quickly to the twist in the competition. The reason for cloud adoption is more than just clear, with its cost-effectiveness, scalability, and elastic capacity.

There are many CSPs with their cloud migration frameworks that organizations can choose from, as per their business requirements. cAssure, Blazeclan’s cloud migration framework, is one of the most plausible solutions that has been helping organizations in their transformation journey. A team of skilled project managers, cloud engineers and solution architects make the cloud migration process seamless and hassle-free. This, supported by a separate team of security professionals for making sure that best practices are followed.

cAssure – Enabling Real-Time Cloud Transformation

The cloud migration framework must facilitate the shift of application workloads to the new operating model. The solution must not only ease the application migration and modernization process, but also build new cloud-agnostic applications and transform the infrastructure. cAssure ensures this, along with the assessment of workloads for identifying the cloud-readiness of applications to be migrated. 

Blazeclan ensures that its enterprise IT customers maximize value through their cloud investments, post-migrating their workloads to the cloud. cAssure offers a range of services that facilitate the management of cloud environments. This cloud migration framework is unique and can be customized to the business value creation, benefits and resource optimization needs of an organization.

The impacts of the pandemic have been increasingly inclined on remote work compared to cloud migration. Organizations that felt the urgency regarding implications of COVID-19 were already on the path of cloud migration as the pandemic set in. Organizations that are now catching up have buoyed the demand for SaaS, which helps them meet remote conferencing and teleworking requirements.

It is inevitable that organizations running on-premises will face boundaries to what they could offer. This would possibly compel them to turn away customers, resulting in service degradation. Organizations are growing more aware of these challenges, which has added to the cloud adoption in the recent past. The future is in the cloud. It opens doors to an array of services and solutions that organizations can leverage to drive their digital transformation while tackling effectively through situations of crisis.

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