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“I know what I want”- Customer Myth Busted

I would like all my readers to plunge into this blog as the prime focus of this blog is to satisfy the readers by –

  • Speaking about the Customer’s Outlook
  • Describing what a customer can expect from BlazeClan.

We at BlazeClan, like any other IT offering company, have the highest regard for the needs and the wants of the Customer first then the Employee and then the Company. So why and where does any “IT Service Provider” like Blazeclan, stand out from the rest of the breed?

I believe the answer is in the WIN-win-WIN formulization.

BlazeClan being one of the adopters of such an approach, in the early days post its inception, has seen pronounced rate of growth, increased Customer Satisfaction and all in all gratified CLAN to go-all-out to explore the unknown.

So getting to the notion, and to answer ‘What’ and ‘How’ we should be looking out for, when venturing into being part of this universe.

Customer’s Outlook:

“I Know what I want” – It is the biggest myth for all those who dive into the world of IT. One never knows how to leverage, the power, IT has to offer. You have a Brilliant – Novel Idea which will turn out to be a life changer for the society at large, but finally you wish it to be a “Dollar churning” or a “Dollar saving” idea for YOU. This will answer the question “Why”, we wish to do this.

So here is a list of what you should already know even before going out to have your idea discussed:

  • Recognise the PAIN POINT you are planning to address with your Idea.

This is very crucial. This allows you bring clarity to your thought process, and establish the foundation of what you plan to achieve, if not the exact solution, a high level idea.

  • Look out for something, similar, existent.

It is highly possible, in today’s world, many Individual/organization are addressing the same pain point.

 Before, I go ahead; here is one point that should always be remembered “Always amend technology to suit your Idea, and not your Idea to suit the technology…NEVER”.

 Your take away from the research you do about existing solutions is how they have approached the solution and more importantly understand why it will not suit you, so that you know how to lay the path for your Solution.

  •  Choose your Solution Provider Wisely.

Here starts your second phase of Research.

You need to understand how any Vendor (Ouch…Never refer to an IT Solution provider as a Vendor)……. Solution Provider approaches any problem statement.

 How do you come to this conclusion?

  • Get an understanding of their approach to their previous Case Studies
  • Ask for References, who you could approach.
  • Understanding the History of Client Retention, of any company speaks volumes.
  • Look for the team member contribution to the IT Community.

These pointers should give a fair understanding of the approach for you, which would lay the foundation for an Enthusiastic Technology Explorer.

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