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NetFoundry’s Networking Platform Makes Remote Workforce Effective, Secure and High-Performing

Every organization is doing its part to sustain its growth in the COVID-19 containment. In this pandemic crisis, businesses need to support their remote workforce with cost-effective solutions, while maintaining their performance and security of systems. To meet the organizations’ need for application-specific networking platforms, Netfoundry, a Tata Communications business, is enabling enterprises to provision secure, high-performing networks over the internet.

The platform enabled by NetFoundry connects applications instantly across any network or set of networks as well as cloud such as Azure, AWS, Google and Bluemix. The company has rolled out the 30-day trial program, the Multicloud AppWAN, as the next logical step to enable performant networking, directly driven by application contexts. This extends the wide-area network (WAN) to the application endpoint, eliminating the private or CPE network requirements.

How Is NetFoundry Helping Organizations Build An Effective Remote Workforce?

NetFoundry’s work from home VPN replacement solution has been helping several organizations through cost-effective application-specific networking platforms that are highly secure and performant.

Cost-Effective Solution

The application-specific networking platform of NetFoundry is free to use for the first two weeks, a deed by the company to help organizations respond to the coronavirus crisis. The regular cost for the solution in The US is $1 per user per day, which is further based on other services and usage. Although global rates vary based on in-country compute costs and bandwidth, this solution is helping many organizations sustain growth cost-effectively in this crisis.

Facilitated Operations

This solution helps organizations in keeping their remote workforce up and running just in a matter of minutes, without using any hardware. This application-specific networking platform enables spinning up connections irrespective of the locations while managing them centrally. It is cloud-optimized and public cloud networking-optimized as well as enables the private cloud-hosted applications of organizations easily. The solution further rid the organization from the burden of IAM, SAML, or Active Directory integrations, as everything is included as an in-built feature.

Throughput Security

Leading security authorities and governments warn organizations about using VPNs for their remote workforce. The recent CISA alert that warns businesses about too much dependency on VPNs is a great example of this. However, the security level of the NetFoundry’s solution is endorsed by several leading technology experts, authorities as well as government bodies. NetFoundry AppWANs provide network access to certain applications, post-secure identification, authentication, and authorization. This further helps in preventing any VPN to be compromised.

High Performance

This application-specific networking platform offers 200% performance improvement for numerous applications as compared to the VPN. The solution helps organizations in optimizing performance and enabling access to networks from any internet connection. Such high-performance improvement over the internet makes this offer from NetFoundry highly desirable compared to other solutions that are most expensive or complex.

A Desirable Cost-Effective Work-From-Home Solution

Organizations should have exhaustive, actionable BCPs in place, inconsiderate of circumstances like COVID-19, as the nature of such disasters is difficult to predict. This cost-efficient solution of NetFoundry ensures that neither your business strategy gets impacted nor your employees’ productivity drop, in the COVID-19 crisis. This type of resilience helps organizations survive during long, potential lockdowns or escalations of the crisis, as well as cope with imminent repercussions.

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