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Re: Invent 2017: Redefining convenience and beyond

“When others say no, we scream build on!” one of the best take away from AWS re: Invent 2017. What a week –lightening 5 days of madness, inspiration, growth, innovation, and learning’s while having fun, for the cloud enthusiast community!

In the company of more than 43,000 peers and another 60,000 glued to the live stream link, I witnessed the roar of the market leader as it unveiled new cloud computing services at the pace of a scratchy start-up.

For those of you who were in Vegas, have you recovered from the madness yet? I thought the only way to get the thrill out of my system is to pen down the summary of my thoughts following the fourth time; I have flown to hear the Seattle Mariners.

AWS – your everything in store cloud platform!

AWS today has more than 300 services to offer, giving us the widest and the broadest options to choose to shape your cloud journey. Andy Jassy quoted, “Customers don’t want to settle for less than half the functionality of the market leader.” ISVs, in turn, also can’t afford to invest in multiple platforms and will pick one default, and maybe another back-up. AWS’ strategy is to be the one-stop shop or, at worst, the first shop an enterprise goes to for its IT needs.”

In keeping with that, the company announced a flurry of announcements from IoT analytics, to serverless databases, to machine learning, to connected devices at the edge; all this coupled with the highest standards of security and compliance that heavily -regulated industries require.


AMI (Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT) – Favourite Re: Invent Acronym

  1. AI and ML everywhere: AWS accelerated its pace hereby announcing Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Translate, Amazon Comprehend, and Amazon Rekognition Video which serves as a back-end to Alexa. By putting its AI and machine learning services to consume packages, Amazon made sure in attaining rich shelling shovels and taking on with rivals like Google, which has been busy building its own AI enterprise stack.
  2. Computing at the edge via IoT: IOT devices are now pervasive, and the density of their deployment is predicted to increase significantly and AWS is focused on helping its customers leverage this trend by unleashing Amazon FreeRTOS, AWS IoT Device Management, AWS IoT Device Defender, AWS IoT Analytics, as well as AWS Greengrass ML Inference.

Serverless deployment and Containerization takes the center stage

Serverless was one of the most talked about cloud services in 2017 and AWS extended the talking points with AWS Aurora serverless, AWS Fargate, and Amazon ECS for Kubernetes (EKS). With the release of the serverless realms of services, AWS aims to cater to its ambition of redesigning the future of coding –All the code you ever write is business logic”.


Database options flourishes

AWS made bolster efforts in advancing databases options that bring in flexibility and pricing along with performance and scalability. Making the headlines was AWS Neptune, which is a fast, reliable, fully-managed graph database service that makes it easy to build and run applications that work with highly connected data sets.  Other highlights included Amazon’s Aurora SQL and DynamoDB NoSQL platform.


Alexa in smart offices: Voice is the future

Werner Vogels touted that voice is the first disruption that will be driven by the capabilities of deep learning tools. He opined that voice will unlock new uses for digital systems and change the architecture of how they are constructed. Alexa will make voice recognition smarter.


Redefining ease and convenience

That is just a brief summary of key highlights of the biggest cloud computing show! By introducing myriads of competing services, AWS has given enterprises a lot more reason to stick with AWS as their default cloud infrastructure provider.

Amazon has reinvented the wheel for enterprises and its ambitions may aim higher.

Lastly, if you are considering cloud, or are there already and seek innovative pathways to build next-gen workloads, BlazeClan – an AWS Premier Partner can shape this cloud journey for you and deliver innovative solutions integrating many leading-edge AWS capabilities.

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