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Blazeclan Helps Fremantle Commercial Diving Establish Robust End User Computing through Microsoft Office 365 Migration​

About Fremantle Commercial Diving

Fremantle Commercial Diving (FCD) is a premier supplier of a broad range of specialised commercial diving services. Based in Western Australia, FCD provides innovative diver-based services from potable water cleaning and inspection to underwater construction, maintenance and repairs.​

Key Issues

Fremantle Commercial Diving was grappling with the absence of a concrete solution for End User Computing (EUC). Their current email system was cumbersome and not user-friendly. A number of employees resorted to using personal Office 365 licenses to access Microsoft products, while others were using outdated versions of Microsoft Office. As a result, FCD was facing risk and productivity issues stemming from a lack of:​

  • Necessary tools​
  • Disaster recovery strategy​
  • Continuous IT service desk support​

Given FCD’s exponential growth, their business demanded resilient technology support with highly available, secured, and recoverable data. To address these challenges, FCD sought to migrate to Microsoft 365 and overcome the issues with their current email and collaboration platform. It was crucial for the new environment to be scalable and reliable, enabling efficient management of all media types, including video files and images.​

Our Solution

Blazeclan proposed that FCD follow a SaaS-based approach and adopt Microsoft Office 365 as the new environment. To support this, the Blazeclan team would provide managed services that focus on BAU activities and involved: ​

  • Retaining older emails while migrating to Microsoft 365​
  • Ensuring the setup of necessary unified threat management devices for securing the inbound/outbound traffic​
  • Leveraging cloud storage for managing the media​
  • Using the Azure Active Directory (AD) to add FCD employees to their organisation’s domain.​
  • Simplifying new user onboarding by procuring Microsoft Office 365 E3 licenses promptly and installing Microsoft 365 products.​
  • Configuring user laptops and ensuring migration of the entire user profile along with their web browser bookmarks and passwords.​
  • Creating new policies and distribution lists in Microsoft Teams and Outlook as part of BAU Activities.​
  • Securing file-sharing and remote access through VPN/password reset.​

Our Approach

  • Transforming emails and migrating them to Microsoft 365​
  • Delta replication for providing data-value transformation​
  • Cutover email migration, moving all media from FCD employees’ mailboxes (from their existing source) to Microsoft 365​
  • Ensuring that the EUC platform is integrated with Microsoft Intune, thereby enabling centralised management​
  • Implementing security policies across the system​
  • Migrating all files to cloud storage and integrating them with the customer authentication platform​
  • Implementing unified threat management devices and configuring the firewall rules​

Realised Value

  • Realised process standardisation by enabling the addition of all FCD employees to their organisation domain and their activities tracked.​
  • Strengthened security through access control allowing employees to watch, edit, or share files on SharePoint based on the type of access given. ​
  • The use of cloud storage has enabled anytime, anywhere access to the data.​
  • Significant improvement in asset management with the Microsoft Office administrator having a clear view of all hardware assigned to employees.​
  • Consistent email signature design, mail groups, and mail routing rules as part of email migration. Also implemented was mailbox sizing, any restrictions applicable for staff, archiving requirements, and meeting rooms for booking against FCD client needs.​
  • The ability for FCD users to seamlessly integrate new applications with Microsoft Teams. ​
  • Better collaboration between users through the use of Distribution lists. ​
  • 100% SLA achieved through Blazeclan’s cloud managed services. ​
  • Zero data loss during the course of migration. ​
  • Zero outage during delta replication and cutover migration.​

  • 100% SLA achieved through Blazeclan’s cloud managed services

  • Zero data loss during the course of migration​

  • Zero outage during delta replication and cutover migration​

Tech Stack

Microsoft Office365 Suite Services​Microsoft Intune​Microsoft Defender​
Azure Active Directory​Sophos​