ITC Infotech acquires Blazeclan Technologies to enhance Multi-Cloud services and fast-track digital transformation

Blazeclan Helps OGS Global Build A Cloud-Native, Multi-Tenant Project & Asset Management Application​

About OGS Global​

OGS Global offers project enablement, asset management assistance, and advisory solutions to the resources and energy sectors. They specialize in integrated commissioning, start-up readiness and providing operational support, leveraging vast expertise throughout every phase of the asset lifecycle. Their proficiency extends to sectors like oil and gas, mining, minerals, utilities, and infrastructure. Through the ICORA® technology platform, they ensure a unified, streamlined, and collaborative approach by seamlessly connecting project commissioning and operational readiness needs on a single platform.​

​Key Issues

To diversify and expand its customer base, OGS Global identified the need for a technology platform / application to support its Project Enablement ICORA® framework.  The framework forms the foundation for the planning and execution of commissioning, operations readiness, start-up, and optimization support. Their vision was to embed expert knowledge directly into a single application to create a more cohesive, consistent, and collaborative workflow to connect project commissioning and operational readiness requirements. The application was to use advanced data integration through comprehensive tracking mechanism to manage Commissioning and Start-Up tasks, deliverables, risks and delays at facility systems, and sub-systems level from the early stages of a project and throughout the project’s lifecycle. The objective of the application is to improve productivity and provide assurance verification, whilst reducing Commissioning and Start-Up risks and costs to achieve a smooth facility start-up and handover.  OGS wanted to:​

  • Ensure enhanced visibility to maintain focus on critical elements under a Commissioning and Operational Readiness (COR) lens.​
  • Provide early warnings for potential issues.​
  • Act as a single source of data, integrating with any project schedules either through flat-file interface or API.​
  • Facilitate risk identification and offer tracking for critical issues.​
  • Progressively build assurance for Verification of Readiness (VOR), ensuring no unexpected challenges during the transition to operation.​
  • Function for operations readiness independently of commissioning and vice versa.

Our Solution

Our team followed agile methodology and used cloud-native development principles to help: ​

  • Build a multi-tenant application to manage customers, the business, projects, systems, and sub-systems (using a Cloud Formation template) ​
  • Provide a defined workflow solution in a graphical format managed by an administrator (family tree) ​
  • Provide a solution to upload P6 (Primavera) data, generate and tag suppliers and manage discipline.  ​
  • Create, manage, activate, and de-activate roles, roles-based access, SSO-email signup (OTP-based), and notifications.​
  • Ensure the platform has features to create, edit and complete the ‘Task, Risk and Delay’ status and the ability to tag users, deploy notifications, and maintain history and comments on each activity.​
  • Develop a holistic view of risks and customised options to view risks based on impact and consequences. ​
  • Implement operational logic with progress percentage and colour rules. ​
  • Be highly scalable with a project and asset management portal, easily deploy into any region, and be able to monitor and track activities by any user.​

Solution Diagram

Realised Value

  • The Blazeclan team delivered the MVP solution as outlined on time and within budget​
  • The application delivered is a defined process that can be used across different organisations as a project and asset management tool, significantly improving project-specific operations​
  • Reduced risks by having visibility on dependencies by being able to track and monitor individual projects within departments​
  • Analytics on utilised costs and cost recovery at a granular level for better decision-making ​
  • High level of reporting on delays​
  • A truly serverless, docker-based, highly scalable & AWS cloud-native application  ​
  • Ability to release and update new features across customers in a single deployment using the ICORA multi-tenant system that can be customer specific  ​
  • Improved security with IP-blocking features​

​Tech Stack

Amazon EC2​Amazon SES​Amazon SNS​
Amazon ECR​Amazon ECS​Amazon CloudWatch​
AWS Fargate​Amazon API Gateway​AWS Lambda​
Amazon S3​AWS CloudFormation Templates​Amazon Route 53​
Amazon Cognito User Pool​AWS CodeCommit​MySQL​