ITC Infotech acquires Blazeclan Technologies to enhance Multi-Cloud services and fast-track digital transformation

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Data Lake Solution with 400+ Metrics Helped Customer Make Incisive Decisions in Real-Time

The customer is a travel and lifestyle company. It gives the members with access to the widest network of travel and lifestyle partners. This means the members will earn rewards across everything, ranging from airlines and hotel bookings to shopping, dining and more globally.

The Need for a Data Lake with Extended Metrics

There are 10+ categories based on which a loyalty member can accrue/redeem miles. The data for all these categories are stored in their on-premise database without being utilized. Also, there were intricate challenges in gathering data from third-party vendors. The data is needed to be stored in a common repository, as a data lake, and then connected at a member level. This common repository is necessary to get a holistic view of all loyal customer interactions and drive business insights out of the structured or semi-structured data. The customer wants to utilize that data by leveraging their artificial intelligence platform to perform advanced analytics on that data for making informed decisions.

The Solution

To achieve the roadmap of the customer, Blazeclan helped them create, gather and operationalize their scattered data into a single Cloud-based Data Lake Solution. This will enable their business users and data scientists in deriving descriptive and prescriptive insights. Blazeclan set up a data extraction, loading & transformation pipeline for the data ingested from multiple sources. The solution approach also involved creating 400+ metrics (key performance indicators) giving a complete persona of the journey of their 10 million+ loyalty members.

Ingested Data Sources

  1. Real-time analytics and detailed segmentation across all of the customer’s marketing channels.
  2. Captured all activities and transactions being done by customer’s member across all 10+ categories.
  3. Online and offline data from a unified view of audiences were captured.
  4. Captured the data for the accrual and redemption flight bookings.
  5. Captured flight search data of the members from their flight platform.
  6. Stitching (mapping) of the online and offline data.

The data of the members’ financial transactions on the wallet. Given below is the Data Flow Diagram, which shows how we generated metrics and enabled the customer’s team to drive actionable insights.

Architecture Diagram – Optimized Solution

Key Benefits Achieved by the Customer

Repository for Everything: All types of raw, structured/unstructured, cleaned, processed, snapshot, extended metrics are all stored at the same place. This meets the purpose of enriched data being stored at a common pool for the leverage of advanced analytics and insights.

Cost-Effective: Serverless and managed services helped the customer eliminate the extra cost spent on on-premise hardware infrastructure and its maintenance.

Serves all types of Users: All types of business users like business stakeholders, data scientists, technical users can now access the enriched data stored at a common pool using AWS services.

Robust Ecosystem for Next-Generation Solutions: For all the advanced next-generation technology, this ecosystem will serve as an input to drive business solutions and accelerate growth.

Tech Stack

Amazon S3 AWS Lambda AWS EMR
AWS KMS AWS Glue AWS CloudWatch
API Gateway RDS Aurora AWS Step Function
Amazon SQS Amazon SNS AWS Secret Manager