ITC Infotech acquires Blazeclan Technologies to enhance Multi-Cloud services and fast-track digital transformation

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Most Common Challenges

Fear of Cost

This concern is a common one, though if set properly, cloud is impressively cost effective. The boom in unicorns since the cloud emerged holds proof of this. Till date, all our migration and modernization projects have resulted in a minimum of 30% decrease in cost when analyzing broader costs impact due to efficient cloud utilization.

Not Knowing Where to Start

This is when small, well calibrated projects make wonders because they remove the veil on assumptions and allow faster adoption and decision making.

The Need for Expertise

Leadership plays a vital role as executives must embrace the transition, understand its value, and share the vision with the technical leaders to drive alignment. The executive team’s involvement is crucial as they need to be on board with ongoing cloud initiatives. The most successful projects always involve the CTO, CFO, COO and CEO working together, as they represent a significant business change with transformative opportunities. Without a shared vision, the cloud journey can become a monster in the making.

Accelerating Their Cloud Journey With Us

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Our infrastructure assessments are industry-diagnostic and we allocate resources that are bespoke to your business requirements. We help you target workload evaluation and identify the best Snowflake migration plan for your infrastructure through a well-defined roadmap.

No downtime

By creating application baselines along with performance and code analysis, we offer you a robust Snowflake transition framework for your targeted workloads. Our migration plan is transparent and integrates Snowflake with your current infrastructure with zero downtime.


Our Snowflake cloud governance framework focuses on crafting a tailored approach for monitoring, optimizing, and automating your Snowflake environment. Leverage native cloud services with our customized solutions to better utilize the Snowflake cloud offerings and manage your infrastructure effectively.

Success Stories

“Hub.Brussels found in Blazeclan the strong partner needed to work on a long-term BI & Analytics Smart City project. Blazeclan and their team mastered moving us from a legacy to a first-class Cloud environment with a beautifully developed custom application. Analytics.Brussels is a project that required vision, strategic planning, a high level of agility, and adaptability while overcoming challenges and exploiting at its best all the values of this new technology.”

Solenne Romagni
Head of Research

“Skroutz is the leading digital marketplace in Greece, committed to providing the best experience for consumers and merchants alike. In order to accelerate our growth and pace of innovation, we made the strategic decision to move from an on-premises infrastructure to the AWS cloud. We partnered with Blazeclan to help us get started with the journey and navigate a territory we were not very familiar with. Through detailed planning, efficient communication and accurate execution, Blazeclan’s team helped us bootstrap our cloud infrastructure and migrate existing workloads to the cloud faster than we expected. We will definitely consider partnering with Blazeclan again for future projects.”

Apollon Oikonomopoulos
Chief Information Officer
Skroutz S.A.

“Dear Blazeclan team, I would like to personally thank you again for your professionalism during all those sessions we had. It was a valuable experience for Voiceland and thank you for sharing some of your knowledge and experience with us. Thank you all for your teamwork for this report to take place. We really appreciate it.”

Vasilios Tzanoudakis
Technology Director & Co-Founder
Voiceland S.A.

“AIMS is one of the world’s leading Airline Software Suppliers dedicated solely to the development and support of its state-of-the-art Crew Management, Commercial Planning, and Operations Control Systems. To sustain our growth and innovate using cutting-edge tools, we took the strategic decision to move to AWS Cloud. Blazeclan was our partner of choice to help us successfully achieve this challenging objective. From designing, planning, and executing, Blazeclan demonstrated expert skills and hands-on experience. This made our journey to the Cloud rich, smooth, and full of learning experiences. I thank the Blazeclan team for their dedication and hard work throughout the months we spent together.”

Spiros Koukos
IT Director

“Working with Blazeclan on the development of our new system was a great experience. Their team was responsive to our requests and worked efficiently and effectively to meet our needs. The launch of this system will allow us to streamline our process, saving up to 15 working hours per week. It will assist us in better serving our network of food banks with fast communication and equitable allocation, as well as our donors with improved reporting capabilities. We are so grateful for their work and commitment to this project.”

Adelaide Wimpenny
Manager, Operations and Programs
Feed Ontario

“We needed a firm to augment our internal staff and to make sure that all our infrastructure was performant, secure, and reliable for our customers. BlazeClan is very responsive to our needs for providing the services and expertise we need.”

Neel Sharma
Partner and Co-Founder
Spice Technology Group

​​​​​​​”Blazeclan has developed and deployed our Big Data Machine. They have connected a multitude of data sources into a single EDL allowing us to generate actionable insights for our customer base like never before. Blazeclan has been so accommodating we simply could not have asked for a better partner. With Blazeclan connecting our data to and AWS EDL and enabling Sagemaker has provided a complete end-to-end solution that has dramatically improved our ability to engage with our customers. Through this improved engagement we will deliver significant reductions in Green House Gas Emissions through the optimization of ourclient’s plant and machinery.”

Jeremy Allen
Managing Director
Energy Solution Providers

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