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AWS Resiliency

As an AWS premier partner with migration competency, Blazeclan has been involved in multiple migration and modernization programs with customers from a wide range of industries. One of the key objectives of many organizations for moving to the public cloud is to ensure high availability and data integrity for their customers. This is where resiliency on the cloud comes into play, and Blazeclan has been highly focused on achieving this either through its migration or modernization programs.

Blazeclan-AWS Partnership

What is AWS Resiliency?

To achieve the desired resiliency on the cloud, it must be a key consideration right from design through to operations. The resiliency in design is incorporated in both applications and infrastructure to ensure a smooth experience for the end customer.

Resilience in Design

While designing the application, focus on a resilient application architecture by noting down failure points and creating mitigation so that single-component failures don’t impact the user experience. While designing infrastructure, introducing AWS native High-Availability, DR across regions, and using native database services with multiple-AZs are some of the points considered to ensure availability of more than 99.5%.

Resilience in Operations

Solid change management, availability of blue-green deployments, and observability are built on the entire system to ensure proactive monitoring and testing of the resiliency of the individual systems. The environment is employed in such as way that no individual component failures are handled reactively and that the end users are not impacted.

Resilience Recovery

Even with all the design and operations, there needs to be a set-up for recovery in case something unforeseen happens. This recovery function must ensure no data is lost and the systems are back up and running within the stipulated RTO and RPO for the organization. This is part of resilience recovery where a combination of native AWS services, and third-party storage solutions are used.

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  • AWS Resiliency with Blazeclan: Ensuring High Availability and Data Integrity

    Veeraj Thaploo, Blazeclan’s CTO, discusses our approach to achieving AWS Resiliency for clients across various industries and how we ensure a smooth user experience through resilience in the design, operations, and recovery of AWS infrastructure.

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