ITC Infotech acquires Blazeclan Technologies to enhance Multi-Cloud services and fast-track digital transformation

Blazeclan Helps A Leading Billing and Payment Services Provider Transform its Business with an Advanced Electronic Communication Platform​

About Customer​

The customer is a leading billing and payment services provider, primarily serving local government, water, and utility customers. For nearly 3 decades, the company’s software and services have been revolutionising the delivery and payment of bills.​

​The Challenge​

The customer faced significant challenges with application maintenance and feature upgrade support. They sought to develop a new application to leverage the latest technology while ensuring the maintenance and enhancement of existing applications.​

Key Requirements of the Customer​

  • Build and maintain the new application.​
  • Enhance existing applications to meet evolving customer needs.​
  • Provide seamless integration with the latest electronic billing and payment options.​
  • Improve overall customer service experience.​

Our Solution​

Blazeclan devised a comprehensive solution to address the challenges faced by the customer. The implementation steps included:​

  • Agile Development Approach: The project was executed using the Scrum Agile methodology, employing two-week sprints for efficient and iterative development.​
  • Compatibility with Proprietary Framework: Blazeclan ensured seamless compatibility of the new features developed using the latest technology stack with the customer’s existing proprietary library framework.​
  • Feature Enhancements: Key features, including Reporting, BPAY management, Major agent, Account Activity Tracking, and Email Tracking were added to the existing modules to enhance functionality and user experience.​
  • Regression Test Automation: New automation test cases were added to the regression suite, streamlining the release process and ensuring high-quality deliverables.​
  • Infrastructure Cost Optimisation: Blazeclan optimised AWS infrastructure costs for the customer by configuring EC2 servers and Relation Database Services (RDS) based on workload requirements.

Realised Value​

By partnering with Blazeclan and implementing the solution, the customer achieved the following outcomes:​

  • Latest Electronic Technology: The application empowered the customer to leverage cutting-edge electronic communication methods, enabling seamless customer communication, electronic billing and payment options, and online self-service features.​
  • Enhanced User Experience: The end-users experienced minimal response times and found the self-service features easy to understand, leading to improved overall satisfaction.​
  • Streamlined Release Process: The addition of automated regression test cases streamlined the release process, ensuring faster and more reliable deployments.​
  • Cost Optimisation: Blazeclan’s expertise in optimising AWS infrastructure resulted in reduced operational costs for the customer by efficiently configuring EC2 servers and RDS.
  • Saved more than US$ 800 per month in AWS billing

  • Achieved a sending rate of 9000 emails/hour, which improved performance by 350% in comparison to the previous system.​

Tech Stack

Amazon S3​Amazon EC2​Amazon RDS​
Amazon SES​AWS ELB​AWS Elasticsearch​
Amazon ElastiCache​AWS Auto Scaling​Amazon VPC​
Subnets​Route Tables​Internet Gateway​
SG NAT/Jumpbox​Elastic IPs​Java 8​